Enter the dragon…forget about returning

During the Innings break of today’s Pakistan-Sri Lanka game unlike most days I was scanning other channels. I stopped at WB films. Bruce Lee’s “Enter the dragon” had just started. I have seen this movie few times before, in fact I wanted to give it a miss tonight however, five minutes into it, my mouth was half open, I was stuck. *sheepishly smiling* I could neither move away from my seat nor flip the channel. After the first 30 minutes I had no choice, I was enslaved by this brilliant piece of Cinema.

I was totally hooked to the Television, I some how managed to grab a pouch of potato chips and a large glass of orange juice, that’s all I remember. For the next 1 hour or so, I was teleported into Mr.Han’s Island along with Lee, Williams and Roper. Movie holds such a simple premise, it has been exploited in so many yesteryear Indian movies. Anyways, back to Bruce Lee πŸ™‚

The fire in his eyes, body language and the Qi flowing through his body in those dramatic action sequences, WOW!Β exhilaratingΒ stuff *speechless, in search of superlatives, please help me*. No other Kung-fu star has such a powerful on-screen impact as Lee. Take a bow to Mr.Bruce Lee. *bowing in awe*

Here a few outstanding fight sequences from his movies. Watch them. Enjoy them. Treasure them.


1. Way of the dragon


2. Fist of Fury


3. Enter the dragon



Why don’t you share your favorite Kung-fu action sequences? that will be fun.