Reliving March 1, 2003

March 1, 2003 produced one of the best games of ICC Cricket World Cup 2003. It was played out between arch rivals India & Pakistan. Both teams boasted of huge credentials however, Pakistan looked a notch better, their bowlers like, Wasim, Waqar and Shoaib could run through the best of the best batting line ups. India on the other hand was flying high during the WC, thanks to Sachin’s mercurial performances.

So, on the D-day. Pakistan batted first. They were a strong team and I must say I thought they would win the game easily [ despite India’s red hot form ]. Pakistan’s batting came good, Saeed scored a prolific hundred [ I never understood how and why he was so successful against India ]. Other batsmen chipped in, they finished at 273. During those days that was a huge score especially,  if you have a bowling line up of Pakistan’s pedigree, anything above 250 was out of reach. So, when India started their Innings, Sachin took first strike [ he seldom does that ] and 5 overs later India was speeding away. By the time power play came to an end, Sachin had already produced one of the greatest innings in a WC, virtually ending Pakistan’s chances of a comeback. He fell at 98 however, his exit made little difference as Indian batsman stormed to a famous win. It has to go down as on the finest wins for India at the biggest stage of World Cricket for living up to the expectations of billion plus fans and out playing Pakistan with effortless ease.


Here’s a quick 6 minute compilation of the match.