Earlier in the day Sridharan brothers, Manu and Krish dropped by. Manu recently joined a Karate School and he’s loving it. In this Video he shows of skills. Ooooohhhwaaa! 😛



Little later, Krish had enough of his brother’s circus, he jumped out of his seat and did his bit. See this.




Post the Karate show, Manu gave me end-to-end “gyaan” on Beyblades, their make, types, names and strategies [ Yes! it’ s not child’s play, involves lot of “strategy” ]. I was completely blown away by the entire strategy thingy, totally immersed in that profound discussion.  Before his sermon, I was in a foolish assumption that Beyblade was a modern day version of the good old spinning top. I was so wrong.

I learnt something new today, that makes me extremely happy.


When was the last time you learnt something new from a kid?  Please share your story.