Father of Indian Digital Photography


Sharad Haksar is one the finest Digital Photograpers India has ever produced. In fact it would be perfectly alright to call him the “ Father of Indian Digital Photography“. He hails from Chennai, which gives him the distinct advantage of access to cutting edge technology and latest editing softwares. I vividly remember, Mahesh and I used to stop at a hoarding space [ Which was owned by him ] to admire his Social Banners. He would put up hoardings covering an array of social evils. My personal favorite was the one on Sex-detection of babies. It’s is illegal in India. I tried to search for that photograph but no luck, so sad. However, I found few of his most fascinating works, which made him what he is today. Below Photographs are not from his Social campaigns but they are mind blowing. Take a look.


Brand Irony 1 – Colgate



Brand Irony 2 – Coca Cola [ He was sued by Coca Cola for hosting this on his hoarding space 😀 ]

Coca Cola


Brand Irony 3 – Nike [ They were a good “Sport”, no suit filed 😛 ]



Brand Irony 4 – Master Card [ Swipe here ]



One of his classics for a Clothing Brand – Stori [ This was during the Iraq war. Great Improvisation ]