It’s women’s day today I am extremely fond…

It’s women’s day today. I am extremely fond of women, I love women, all of them. I spent most of my formative years among women, a swarm of them – sisters, neighbours, teachers [ almost all my teachers up till 12th grade were women ], classmates. However, I never felt too comfortable because they would turn volatile and unpredictable. Barring my mom [ who also goes mad at times ] most of them defied logic. I’m not much of an “analysis” person. I just go by what I see and experience. I wanted to spoilsport today, can’t allow women to take away all the credits. So here are few of my observations.


1. You’re either a friend or an enemy – Important, Important, Very Important this. Women’s minds are fairly simple, they don’t have 101 classifications of people, they keep it simple. You’re either a friend or an enemy. Moreover, you can be moved from one end to another end in seconds and vice versa. Remember, there’s no in between thing and you cannot choose where you want to be. They decide.  🙂

2. Women thrive on appreciation – I never fathomed the power of appreciation till I read ” How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie in 2002. So, I gave it a try, I was amazed to see the positive energy women exhibit on receiving appreciation. Great tool to build cordial relationship with women. Genuine appreciation can take you a long way. However, a  fake ” You’re beautiful” will do a whole lot of good too. Yes! any appreciation related to beauty works wonders 🙂

3. Women have in-built lie detectors. This might sound contradictory to the above statement however, there’s a minor difference, lies related to beauty are exempted :).  Otherwise, It’s so damn hard to lie to a woman. They can see through people. So, watch out you might think you got away with lies but, you are wrong, you just got into trouble.

4. Sweet talk works big time. it is an extension of point number 2. This is something I figured out as late as 2009. Earlier I used to be shy assuming sweet talk = flirting. Then, one of colleague who was an American on her farewell day, said “ Narendra, you’re cute, you should sweet talk, girls would love you“. I was initially baffled but then put it on trial. Results are mind blowing. Sweet talk is no rocket science, all you have to do is treat a girl irrespective of her age as a 12 year old. It works. I guess it works because no one really grows up, we all have a child inside and as we grow older very few cater to that. All girls might tell you they need a MAN not a boy but, believe me boy -> girl communication works hundred times better than Adult -> Adult communication.

5. Women have impeccable memory, they remember EVERYTHING. At times to exact detail. Unfortunately, they are designed to retain the bad incidents. It’s like, even if you give them 99 good days and 1 bad day, all they would remember after 10 years is that 1 day :D. So, it’s better not to try too hard, keep it simple.

6. Revenge comes naturally to women. If you do anything wrong be assured the lady would exert revenge. You may not even know she got her revenge but, she would. There’s no escape. Asking for forgiveness can only delay the inevitable. No mercy. Women folk may not like this but it’s so true. They neither forgive nor forget 😀 [ I’m going to be dead soon ]

Aahhhhhh, I feel lot better now. I don’t want to pretend, I am 100% chauvinistic. The rise and rise of women maybe good for the female folk however, I feel it will negatively impact the social eco-system in the long run. We all seem to be too much worried about ozone layer and diminishing tigers, what about the social balance> Is anyone thinking?