Plastic Girl

Earlier in the day, while I was surfing, I was clicking away at random. At one page I saw a caption ” Koena at a party” and her photograph was there.I was like ” Ahhhh useless website, they put someone else’s photo  there ” [ It didn’t look like her at all ] I clicked to see further. And, guess what it was Koena herself. She got a nose job, I guess like for the third or fourth time. It looks so odd and disturbing. The last time she got it done, some freak doctor made her look like a ghost. But,with time and her frequent on-screen ventures, she became more and more acceptable, in fact I liked her, I guess many more of us would have got used to her new look.

Very few know that Koena’s not a mere glam doll. She has a masters in Psychology, trained in various dance forms and highly accomplished sports person. It’s alarming to know a highly educated person like her can fall prey to cosmetic surgery. I can understand if someone like MJ, JLO, lindsay lohan, etc fell for it, they neither had the awareness levels nor did they have insights like Koena. I really don’t understand why would a girl, who has already been accepted as pretty and good looking, won series of modelling contests and worked with top designers and labels would want to go under the knife. It’s ridiculous, she was already accepted as a supermodel and was ruling the modelling circuit. Moreover, she wasn’t like 50 to consider surgery, still very much in her 20s. Her actions bemuse me. What she has done to herself is really sad. She was a beautiful girl and now she is a creepy plastic figure. See for yourself.

This is one of her earliest photographs, she looked pleasant, if not great. As I said, she was one of India’s leading model.

And,then she lost her mind. In the quest of becoming more appealing, she got a nose & lip job. Result was devastating. Her career went southwards and critics slammed her for her atrocious looks.Sad.

This picture gives you a better view of her surgery scar. She sported this look for last few years. I would say it was fine, her great physique and attitude kept her going in bollywood.

By the way, she resembled MJ.. lol

Finally her latest photos. I guess these were snapped in 2011.  click the pics to get a better view and compare with her earlier pics. Poor her.

She looks a different person, doesnt she?

I really pity her, She was such a lovely looking girl and now she is reduced to a shadow of her previous self. Few years ago she was a great role model for any aspiring model and actress but now, I don’t think anyone would want to go the “Koena” way. Such a shame. Poor her. However, I still love her. * muwwaahhhh…Kisses for Koena *