Power Cut

We just experienced an hour long power cut 😦 . Come summer situation might get worse. However, over the years power situation in large metroes, especially in the city limits has been excellent. Mumbai I guess is the best placed city in terms of power supply. I lived in the suburbs for  few weeks and as far as I remember, never experienced even a minute of power disruption.

Whenever the power goes down it’s like the entire world comes to a halt, time ticks so slowly, every minute feels like an hour, makes me mad. No TV, No internet, No lights, it is so depressing. However, mobile provides some amount of relief, but it bores me. At times, we have these scheduled maintenance cuts, no power between 9am – 5pm. Since I’m not much of an outdoor person, I prefer to stay home, bear the burnt of no power day, sit there quietly, shirt drenched in litres of sweat, trying my best to keep calm, at times read a book. I guess that’s the only time I read books.

Power cuts tests my patience and todays black out has left me drained and frustrated. I need some good food now to re-energize my senses * sigh *