Ring of Fire

Pacific Ring of Fire

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By now, we all must have seen the clippings of massive Tsunami waves ripping apart Japan. In 2004, there was a similar quake in S.E.Asia which killed close to 0.25 million people. After watching todays visuals, I couldn’t help re-collecting the conversation I had with my dad after that 2004 quake. Dad is a Geologist, and he studies rock sediments, fossils, tectonic plates, etc. We rarely have conversations related to his work, in fact I am not sure about his job profile or nature of his work. Anyways, on that day we were watching some news on that weeks Tsunami and he said. “This is just a beginning“. Lot of people say that ” Ahh,god is angry”, “End of days”, “I said so” but, this man has a scientific background and he knew exactly what he was saying based on the studies and research that has been going on for decades.

He was trying to explain how earthquakes are generated and the physics behind it. And, then he said something very interesting which most of us may not be aware. Earth has reset itself 5 times since its inception, one of which wiped out the Dinosaurs and that was the last of the 5 factory resets.

Ok, what is relevant is more to us is, in coming decades we’re likely to experience more of such quakes combined with Tsunami and Volcanic eruptions. The pacific belt, which is also known as “Ring of fire” will see lot more seismic activity. It’s bad news for people living in that belt especially, for folks in west half of America. LA, SF are in the firing line. It’s said that a potential killer quake is round the corner. Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, and other pacific Islands face grave danger as well [ in fact that’s been the case for ages ]. And, then he said something which made me feel better. Geological data is mapped  in millions of years [ that’s there unit of measure 😛 ]. So, we may not be around to watch the  extinction however, we will witness several major calamities in the next few decades as the tectonic activity has become stronger than before. I hope my dad’s words don’t come true simply because geological predictions are only 50% accurate 😀 [ and, they get paid for making these half predictions ]

So be good and try to stay away from the pacific belt. If you live in that part of the world, just pray for the best.