Last evening I went to a pub with…

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Last evening, I went to a pub with couple of my childhood friends, Mahesh and Avinash. This is my fifth ever visit to a drinking place. Out of which 3 have to been to this very bar. Both my friends are compulsive alcoholics, they guzzle down beer and Whisky at will, upto 3 times a week. The last time I went with them was 12 years ago, after that I would refuse to go with them or anyone else. I don’t consume liquor and neither do I enjoy the dim lit, creepy pubs. Off late, I had a slight change of heart, and got curious to visit a pub, just to see if things have changed or would I feel any better inside those chambers.

So, I was ready in a jiffy. Mahesh and I reached early. Mahesh with his usual flair had befriended a waiter at the Pub, so we got a table with effortless ease despite the weekend rush. The menu card came out. I quickly scanned through the menu, guess about  6-7 pages of drinks were listed and the last section had a humble list of mocktails, I ordered a “Cricket” – a blend of Orange Juice, vannila and mint. Also, a Chicken Sandwich. Mahesh went for a whiskey, same for Avinash, who caught up after 10 minutes.

Then the slow process of consuming a glass of liquor over 60 minutes started. We had conversations ranging from Cricket, Politics, School days, Cars, trains and lot of other random stuff. By the time they got their second peg, the pub was full, the decibels levels had gone up thanks to a bunch of college kids. Cricket match was drawing lots of uffffffffffff’s and Aaahhhhhhhhhh’s from the drunk gentlemen. The wry smiles, exaggerated body language and higher vocals made me uncomfortable. I was like ” Finish, let’s go home ” it’s getting late [ Clock was at 8.30pm, for me it’s late, I seldom stay out beyond 10pm ]. Mahesh thundered back “Be a man, don’t squeal like a kid”. I quickly realized there is no point in pushing, these guys were in no mood to finish quickly. So,I didn’t want to play spoilsport so, I kept quiet and indulged in further conversations. They went for a third round and I spent most time nibbling nuts and chips. Luckily, Cricket match kept me engrossed otherwise, I wouldn’t have lasted so long.

A little later, they were done and when they saw the bill they were grounded, didn’t make them any happy, it stood at Rs2600 [ ~ $ 55 ],  after exchanging few sheepish smiles, Mahesh flashed his card. I was so happy to get out of that place. I can neither say I had great time nor I would say I was disappointed. I went there just to experience something different but I didn’t enjoy it. I doubt, I would visit pubs any frequently. I would rather do something I enjoy, even if it were to mean having a coffee all alone. However, there are few top end pubs in Chennai which boast of yummulicious food. So, I would want to give it a try. First in my list in Zara Tapas Bar, its an award winning pub and said to be the finest in Chennai. Eager to give it a try. 🙂