Ring of Fire – II

Earlier this evening, Dad and I were watching the latest videos of Japan’s recent devastation. There was a news capsule on a possible nuclear meltdown. Scientists are saying that if there is blast, its effect will go beyond Japan. Scary,Very Scary.

We both were discussing in general and then I had my Ripley’s believe it or not moment – ” Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and all other pacific islands are actually volcanic formations, it’s not LAND, just lava “. 😐

At some point of the conversation, I asked  “what are the options for Japan”. Out came a reply which I least expected ”


All the pacific nations should vacate and move to America, Australia and Canada, if possible India and China should accommodate few millions”. Me, totally baffled. I had this are-you-kidding-me look on my face. He continued ” Seismic activity in the pacific is likely to intensify over the decades, if they want to save their people, best would to be to migrate”. I didn’t buy that immediately, a little thought and I realized it makes complete sense. Canada, Australia has huge uninhabited land, they can comfortably accommodate the whole population  of Japan, Philippines, fiji and other Pacific Islands. Dad foresees this idea coming into play sooner than later. Japan is in the verge of a nuclear disaster, where do you think all the people would go? Here’s a possible scenario – USA owes close to $1 trillion to Japan [ Long term trade debt ], so you see, they might ask for piece of land instead of cash. Americans on the other hand will wipe out 20% of their debt and get access to the best engineering brains. [ How’s that for an idea? a modern form of colonization 😛 ]