Internet Fraud – I

Something I love about online fraudsters is their ability to dish out “sweet” letters. Makes me wonder, why don’t they put this skill to better use, like write for some teen magazine, movie script or try out poetry.

Earlier in the day, when I opened my mail box, I found a lovely little mail from someone who is desperately looking for “Help” 🙂 Here’s the mail.



They were looking for my urgent response, so I didn’t disappoint them, replied immediately 😛

In case you missed out, in the above picture, there’s a row highlighted in red. Gmail has figured out ways to help their users to warn them about potentially frauds.Big thumbs to Google team.



I have done my job, speedy reply. Now looking forward to the next step, fingers crossed 😛

Love these fraudsters, I can have some fun at their expense, bring it on fellows. hehehhehehehehehe

Shall update soon, this is going to be exciting, hope so 😉