Internet Fraud – II

Yesterday it was some brother-sister duo who were trying to lure me into some become-a-millionaire scheme. Today, you won’t believe this, it is Mr. Ban Ki Moon πŸ˜› . I am surprised. United Nation’s boss is sharing wealth recovered from various scams mastered by Nigerians, isn’t that amazing πŸ˜€ . What a Scam, I love these people. An amazing strategy of using scams to create yet another scam, WOW! I’m considering to get trained under them, I wasted 2 precious at a B-school, might have learnt much more on marketing and strategy with these scamsters. Love them, seriously, love them. πŸ™‚

Ok, I was having a tough day, after seeing this mail I’m all smiles. Huh, mail from Ban Ki Moon, Scams have just gone beyond imagination. This time I didn’t reply, there’s a number listed there, Nigerian code, I might just give them a call and ask the procedure to join them, maybe have a franchise in India, work on 50-50 sharing, sounds lucrative to me, would you want to have a share? πŸ˜›

Right, here’s the mail. From Sir Ban Ki Moon πŸ˜€


You see I’m not a selfish guy, I’m whole heartedly sharing this opportunity to make $150,000, mail her, Mrs.Stella [ I like her Name ], never know you might get lucky. πŸ˜›