Doing something different, Loved it

Today was dull and boring, I needed something to add some zing. So, I didn something which I wouldn’t on a normal day. I bought a huge box of Mocha Brownie Fudge and ate few generous scoops :D. It was amazing to eat some refreshing and remarkable  fudge. I love the nuts they have in the fudge. yummy! Later on, I got a call from a crazy lady, she wanted me to listen to lady gaga’s “Born this way”. She insisted I play it as we spoke, I did, and 2 minutes into that wild, noisy song I hit the stop button. And, I played Justin Beiber’s “Baby” to annoy her that was some fun. I like that song, it has such simple lyrics [ there a rap piece in between which I don’t follow ]. I think Beiber guy will be a big star but, I hope he doesn’t he loose his head like Miley Cyrus. I must confess I was a huge Hannah Montana fan, Hmmm, have seen all the episodes of I & II seasons. But after her insane makeover, I hate her 😦 Why Miley? Whyyyyyyyyyy?

Anyways, after the call, I went on to watch television, sipping cola and flipping channels, following bit of Cricket, not in mood for Cricket today. At 8 it was time for ” How I met your mom” on Star. But, my mother was watching the TV with me, so I gave it miss, didn’t want to embarrass myself with her around 😀 . I like that show, especially, Lily, she’s so dumb and sweet.

Then a quick dinner, 3 chappatis with dal and scrambled egg. I tried to watch the match but for some reason my mind was tuned out of Cricket today. So, I had another scoop of Mocha fudge and guzzled down more Cola. This is something which I wouldn’t do usually, but doing that made me feel better, I guess I’m going to listen to few songs now :D. Trying something different, though I know a little later music would freak me out. 😐

Hey, there’s one more important thing I did this evening. I played Sundara Kanda shlokas on my laptop, my good friend, Arvinth said listening to that would bring good fortune and peace. So, I gave it a try. Never say never to stuff which would address the need for happiness and peace. So, as I finish this post my evening has got lot better. Alright it’s time to listen to few dhinchak songs :D.