Happy Holi

Holi Feest 2008

Image by FaceMePLS via Flickr

Today is Holi, festival of Colors. One of the brightest festivals of India. It’s a big rage in Upper and Central half of India but, down south it isn’t huge, only the North Indian community gets into it. I remember as kid I was mighty scared of Holi day. I used to hide under the bed, almost all day. One particular year, I was behind the toilet seat for hours, you see once people have these colors all over them, it is scary sight 😀 . I evaded this festival for many years but I was finally caught in 1994. I hid myself in the cupboard, but mom wanted to teach me a lesson so, she informed my friends I was in there, they caught me and even before I could shout, I was pink with color. And magically, all the fear was gone in micro seconds. I smothered generous amounts of color in return. I was a moment of total chaos.

little later, we kids left for our school ground to play what we knew best – Cricket. I remember, we were 6 of us, six zombies, colored pink, blue and green. We played our hearts out in the sweltering Chennai heat, I vividly remember I was trying to bowl leg spinners and for some strange reason almost all deliveries took off spin, not even a single ball turned the way I intended but it was fun, we had great time. There was no one else in that ground, it was exhausting however, we were relentless. After couple of hours and few desi crushed smoothies, we decided to visit another friend and catch him as they had caught me earlier in the day. We ganged up and trapped in his kaccha [ underwear ]. Next, stop was his apartment’s terrace. Once guy climbed over the water tank, I don’t know what he did, all I remember is stream of water splashing all over, it was like a mini waterfall. I had never been so thrilled under water. We were jumping, yelling, pushing, it was mental, bunch of morons out on loose. I don’t remember what happened that :D. A fantastic day came to a colorful end as we all dispersed to get our lunch, We were shouting and howling along the streets, it was totally insane but believe me it was AMAZING!

When I got home, I couldn’t get the color off my skin, I was pink for next few day 😀 but, it was truly worth it.

Happy Holi ^^