Too much :-(

We all know too much of PC or laptop will have detrimental effects on our body, eyes, neck, back can take a severe beating if neglected for long. However,I have been stumped with a ridiculous problem due to over use of laptop, my lower part of my palm has been roughed up. It’s strange because my laptop has smooth surface and there’s hardly any chance of friction but, my palm is sore. Also my left little finger has gone for a toss, I feel spring like pain every time I hit a key. Makes me sad, I have been asked to minimize time on a laptop by 25-30% if possible upto 50%.

Here are couple of pictures of my troubled palm, poor thing has turned little dark and dry 😦



I will now go and COL [ Cry Out Loud ]. And yeah, if you too are addicted to your laptop or PC, it’s my sincere request to look after your body. Take care ^^