WWF Mania

Last afternoon, I was watching American Idol, the last part to be specific, the ‘danger zone’ thing.  I have seen few episodes before, I must say it isn’t as dramatic as we have it in Indian Idol but, this was different because it exploded big time. Hulk Hogan, wrestling superstar made a thundering entry and tore apart his vest in his now famous style. For a moment I was out of my seat cheering for the great entertainer.

Though he lasted there only for few minutes, it kick started a chain reaction of sorts, my memory traveled back in time to those lovely days when Mahesh and I used to bunk the last one hour of school to watch WWF [ WWE was WWF those days ]. Our school had 9 periods a day, whereas the WWF show would start around the 7th period, so we both would sneak out of campus at the end of 6th period. We did that like a zillion times and for some strange reason we were never caught. Unlike lot of other schools, our attendance was recorded only the first period. We made full use of school’s poor governance and security system [ I don’t think we had any watchman those days. If you can get your bag out of the classroom and sneak away to the ground floor, from there no one catch you ].

We guys were so much in awe of WWF. Mahesh was way ahead, he and few other kids were completely into it. They used to stage stupid bouts in the classroom or perform fakes stunts in the mud. It was not just the show, Trump cards were a huge rage in the campus as well. I myself was a proud owner of 2 sets. I must say I really adored those cards. Thinking about all that now, makes me laugh out loud but then again as kids it was fantastic.

Mahesh was a huge Shawn Michaels fan, I on the other had was a “Hit Man” follower. As I said, we guys had seen many a matches together, It gave us more happiness than playing video games. The adrenaline rush and frenzy associated with wrestling in unparallel. However, with time we gradually lost interest in WWF. But, boy! what days, simply amazing!


Here’s a clip of the very famous “choke slam”    [ whistles, whistles ]