This way to Heaven

Christians do good things because it might get them into Heaven.

Atheists do good things because they’re nice.


I picked these lines from a picture posted in Kim’s blog. It made me smile. I am an Atheist [ No way trying to suggest I’m good πŸ˜› I’m bad, very bad ], In fact there are more than 1.25 billion atheist‘s in the world, which makes it the third largest religion, comprises of people who don’t believe in the existence of god or some super natural power running the show. Personally, I’m not against any religion, my parents are religious, so are my sisters and almost all my friends. I do see most of them attuned to the religious processes however, I don’t like this connection to Heaven and Hell. Just by praying god or singing laurels about god, how on Earth can that take you to Heaven? isn’t that ridiculous how do educated people buy that logic? after doing all crap, just a prayer or a visit to a holly place ensures entry to Heaven? Are you Serious? Dip in water can’t even fetch you a free boarding pass to a plane, forget about ticket to Heaven.

I don’t buy that idea. I strongly believe, ONLY good deeds alone can take you to Heaven, If god has created us I’m sure he didn’t create us to sing laurels about him, Why monitor 7 billion people for a ego massage? Moreover, don’t you think with so many people trying to impress god he would be actually getting bored and irritated. Do you think god is jobless all day to sit and listen to prayers ? Β Imagine a 5 billion people singing for you day in-out, phew that’s must be awful, poor god, give him a break.

As of Heaven, I want to goto hell simply because almost all my friends will be there. ^^