India claims “The mother of all games”

After all the hype and bold statements, Afridi was finally grounded. He rightly summed it up. ” I think they [India] played better than us “.

A game which was billed as ” The mother of all games” was surprisingly played in an excellent spirit, no one was out of control, no emotional outbursts, no unparliamentary language,  no overtly aggressive body language. In fact there were lot of pleasant sights, maybe it was the pressure of playing in front of the two Prime Ministers, I really appreciate this form of Cricket, truly a gentlemen’s game last night, it was played with zest and zeal, hats off to both the teams for taking the match to a new level.

Right, if you look at the match. I would say it went as per the script. India were clear favorites. We were expected to win and we did.

First Innings, Indian batsmen were supposed to do well, they did, however, they lost the plot after an exciting start but, a scratchy 85 by Sachin [he was gifted as many as 4 lives by the generous Pakistani fielders] and a crucial 36 from Raina, took us to a respectable 260. Pakistan has always produced outstanding bowlers and today was Wahab Riaz’s day, the in swinging yorker which got Yuvraj was one of the best deliveries of the tournament, I’m sure he will have a bright career. Pakistani fielding was horrendous however, that was expected. I also felt towards the end, Pakistani bowler’s inability to wipe out the Indian tail proved extremely costly for them. Full marks to Indian batsmen for putting up a decent total, which EoD proved matching winning.

For this game, India had opted for Ashish instead of Ashwin, experts thought it was a suicidal move. But, you see when Dhoni makes a decision, he hardly gets it wrong. Nehra bowled a remarkable line and pouched important wickets. but, for me the pick of the bowlers were Yuvraj and Munaf, those two guys built the pressure and got the big wickets. In between all the tension, one batsman was in his zone – ‘block everything’ zone. Misbah’s exasperating batting method ruined everything for Pakistan, he seemed so disinterested in the middle. It was a shocking performance from Misbah. Anyways, credit to Indian bowlers for keeping it simple, a victory well earned.

I particularly liked Afridi’s humble post match interview, he was gracious in defeat. He knows his team was beaten by a better team. No shame in being overpowered by a quality team. They tried their best however, they have to wait another 4 years to look for a possible revenge.

As of India, this win will certainly rank among the top 5 all time ODI victories. Nothing comes close to beating Pakistan at this level. Incredible win for Incredible India. But, I don’t want to go over board because team India is yet to win their most important game since 1983, the finals of ICC Cricket world cup 2011. This is what matters the most. However, full credit to team India on successfully claiming ” The mother of all games “. As of Pakistan, they lost the game yet won the hearts of millions of Indian fans by their pleasant demeanor and sporty attitude.