How did I get my name?

After a long time, I visited dailypost blog. Just scanned to see if there was something interesting and finally, I stopped at this topic. I found this quite interesting simply because – How I got my name has a nice little story behind it. I heard it directly from the horses mouth few years ago.

Unlike most kids who get their name from Parents or Grand Parents,  I was named by my eldest uncle [ mom’s eldest brother ]. It seems after my elder sisters birth uncle was troubled by financial losses and repeated crop failures, which complicated both his personal and social life. He was under tremendous stress and anxiety. He was hopeless and during that period he happened to meet a person from his neighboring village. Uncle said that this man helped him a lot  to recover from the setbacks and showed him new direction. With time they became best friends. Also, both their families got closer to each other.

All was going well when suddenly one day, he was found dead. No one knows what exactly happened but his best friend was gone. This happened few weeks before I was born.

Originally uncle wanted to name me Mohan after Mahatma Gandhi’s first name. But, when I was born he decided to name me after his dearest friend. I got his got his name. It was his way of paying tribute to his friend who helped him through a difficult stage of his life and more importantly stayed a good friend till the very end. That’s how  I Was named Narendra Reddy.

But hey, story doesn’t end here. During those days dad was a lecturer at REC, Calicut. Which means he got to know about me and my name only after few weeks. He immediately wrote back to my uncle and wanted them to append ‘Kumar’ as the middle name. My name became Narendra Kumar Reddy. Apparently, my family members, relatives and my neighbours call me Kumar. Most of them don’t even know my name is Narendra.

Ok, there’s one more twist to the name thingy. During my 10th grade, where I had to appear for the board exams. I was told by my class teacher my name exceeds the permissible limit and the computer wouldn’t accept such a lengthy name. By the way, my full name was Addula Narendra Kumar Reddy 😀 I told my dad, I want the Reddy out [ Reddy is my communities name, it has an infamous track record for being violent and aggressive ] plus I wasn’t amused with the sound of Reddy. Dad being a true “Reddy” flatly refused to listen to my plea and decided to do away with Kumar. So, since 1996 my name was scaled down to A Narendra Reddy. 😀

Right, that was my story, How about yours?