Who is the last person I’d want to be stuck in an elevator with?

Luckily for me, I have hardly had unruly relationship with someone. I can’t think of anyone be it a schoolmate, college mate, teacher, boss, co-worker or anyone I have known to have shared extremely bitter relationship. I did have difficulties and disagreements with many however, not to an extent that I would go for their throat or end up in a deadlock scenario if we were to be stuck on an elevator. Maybe I might feature in others I-don’t-want-to-see-him-again list but there’s no one in my list. 😛

So who is that I fear the most to be stuck on an elevator with? It’s my DAD. Yes! my father. 🙂  It’s not that we hate each other or have an unhealthy relationship, it’s just that our relationship is extremely ” Indian” in nature, here’s why.

Like most Indian families, there’s a huge power distance between my father and me. We’re not friends, he’s my father and I’m his son and that mismatch will stay forever. As a kid, out of the three siblings, I happened to have spent the most time alone with him, just we two. Right from visits to market [ which I always found enthralling ] to attending outstation marriage ceremonies, most of the times it was me and dad. And, whenever I used to go out with him, we hardly spoke to each other. I remember the countless minutes we have spent waiting at hospitals, It’s something which remains deeply etched in my memories simply because of my helplessness in that scenario. We both would sit there all day and hardly utter a word to one another. On a particular day, we waited for over 8 hours and yet we hardly had a conversation. Those were days when he was highly temperamental and aggressive so, to avoid any adverse situation I would remain quiet and seldom talk to him, only answer his queries, that’s all :-P. With time and age he did mellow down drastically however, the equation between us still remains the same. As of now, we do have chats occasionally however, it’s still not the way I would want it to be. 😀

I’m a person who likes to talk a lot but if I were to be stuck with him, I will just stare at the elevator’s door and desperately hope for the lift to move ASAP. Moreover, when I’m with him I feel a tinge of nervousness, and that is something I so like to hate. I pray that I would never get into that scenario. Just to imagine myself trapped with him in itself makes me go cold. 😀

How about you? who is that you don’t want to be stuck in an elevator with?