I like Corruption

last week  Anna Hazare, social activist went on a hunger strike unto death to protest against the perennial delays in the enactment of Jan lokpal ( Anti-corruption ) bill. [ There were several other issues. I’m sorry, I am not sure about the details, please look up over google for more dope ].

After few days of high voltage action, Government of India agreed to all his Terms & Conditions and he called of his strike. This movement is hailed as one of the most significant one’s in modern day India. However, I’m not too pleased with this fight against corruption.

Firstly, we Indians need to accept the fact that the very reason why India is growing at the rate of knots and creating huge buzz in the  global markets is purely due to the corruption in this nation. Imagine if we were not corrupt, India would have been a closed economy, most of us here would have been jobless, no FDI, no FII, no international links, no surge in manufacturing and services sector. People like me would have been farming ( not in farmville but real farms ).

We need to appreciate the power of corruption which is the real driving force of our economy. without that my Incredible India would have been mere a shadow of its current self. Thanks to power and money hungry politicians they successfully opened up India’s economy ( Only partially ) which changed the entire landscape of our economy, millions of direct and indirect jobs were created, real estate boom, IT revolution, Telecom revolution, and many more, it has also positively impacted the agriculture sector due to the access of modern methods and technology.

We must be proud of what our netas  have given us, what’s wrong if they swindled away few billions of dollars of tax-payers money? Look at the medium term and long term benefits. With all the corruption India is already a $4 trillion economy. why needless poke into a system which has brought success to our nation?

I endorse corruption simply because it has worked for us. It is more of a cultural fit, it works well for us. We have the results in front of us. By trying to bring in laws against corruption it would only disturb the apple cart. Give it a thought.