Election day here in Tamil Nadu.Β I had decided to go in the post lunch session to avoid rush and lengthy queue. After a scrumptious meal I decided to go out and cast my vote. πŸ™‚

I took an auto and sought the drivers help to locate the polling booth. HeElectronic-Voting-Machine dropped me at a nearby government school. As I walked in I could see a lengthy queue, my heart sank in despair. However, I got lucky because this wasn’t my polling booth, a volunteer checked my chit and asked me to goto yet another school which was few blocks away. This place looked pretty quiet. No queues, no rush. I quickly figured out the designated chamber. An official checked my voter’s id card and made an entry. In no time my moment of truth had come. I punched the button against the party of my choice. A lengthy beep confirmed my vote and I was out in no time. End of the day it was a pleasant affair and I’m so very glad to have exercised my right.