I had never imagined I would write about my school teacher’s but then such is life. By and large I didn’t have any “favorite” teacher. However, I would pick two of my science teacher’s for their humongous impact on me.

Ms.Alamelu was my science teacher at junior high school. Those were days when a teacher could easily make or break a student’s confidence in a subject. We had a very ordinary mathematics teacher naturally, I disliked Maths. The exact opposite was the case with Science. Ms.Alamelu was an extremely considerate and polite lady. She was a master at inspiring kids, not by lengthy lectures or melodrama, in turn she let the subject do the talking. Her method was practical, she believed in allowing students to experiment and ask more questions. Hers was one the few sessions where I would open my mouth else I was as good as non-existent. She generated lot of curiosity in me, which sparked lot of interest in Science and General Knowledge. She always encouraged the kids to try out new experiments and innovate, her encouragement proved little costly as I almost set my building on fire while trying out a silly experiment however, the mishap never dampened my love for stupid practicals. For her impeccable understanding of kids psyche I would rate her my favorite teacher.

The next teacher who had a tremendous impact on me was Ms.Rajini, my Chemistry teacher at high school. I wasn’t particularly a bright kid during the 10th grade,  guess lacked inspiration. For the final 2 years of schooling I moved to a different school. All was good till I got into trouble with Ms.Rajini. I was caught because I was Mahesh’s friend and she assumed I was masterminding the pranks he played in her classroom. She took special disliking towards me and started targeting me in class and lab alike. I remember in one of the first set of exams, I didn’t do well so she asked me to sit in the front seat [ At that school, kids were seated as per merit, dumb kids occupy the front benches and the bright one’s take the last row ] So it was an embarrassing scenario for me because I didn’t deserve to be in the front row. She constantly taunted me by asking unanswerable questions and bullied me for fun. It was getting increasingly difficult to manage her sessions. Two subjects which most of my classmates failed were Maths and Chemistry. We had to score 75/150 to get a pass in Chemistry theory paper and She was extremely miserly when it came to giving marks, the top score would usually be around 100. which meant, one had to be extremely sharp to get through Chemistry. I wasn’t brilliant at it however, I had to step it up to escape her fury. After some initial struggles and thanks to my sister’s timely help, things got better. With time the hatred  had vanished, my output had improved and more importantly I found a  place in the back row. Though I never shared a comfortable equation with her the constant pressure and bullying kept me super alert. Thanks to her I raised my overall standard when it mattered the most and that is the very reason I have very high regards for her.

That’s about my favorite teacher’s. How about yours?