Happy Birthday Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar, Cricketing legend and India’s favorite sportsperson turns 38 today. With almost all batting records in his kitty he’s by far the most complete batsman of the modern era. I first watched sachin during the 1992 cricket world cup. I vividly remember watching a kid hit the ball hard, really hard.Little did I know that he would go on to be the greatest sporting icon of India. Navjot singh sidhu shared an incident on a prime time sports show which best describes the legend of Sachin Tendulkar.
He said “I was talking to a group of senior citizens from my village, when an old man asked what I did for a living. I said I play cricket. The old man didn’t know what I was talking about. I explained a bit, as he got better understanding with a sense of eureka the old man gushed “oh sachinwala khel” (oh sachin’s game)”. It seems the old man had never seen cricket and for him Sachin was cricket, that’s what sachin has become a synonym to the sport itself.
It’s needless to talk about his records and in a way I am not really interested in that. The joy and happiness that he has provided over the last 2 decades is unfathomable. Personally I have always admired his composure and humilty. With life changing dramatically in his teens he could have easily slipped into a world of his own, however sachin always remained sachin. Have you ever heard any paper refer him as “Sir” Sachin or Mr.Tendulkar. For us he’s jus sachin, he’s our god yet he’s one of us. people’s god, One who brought smiles to our faces and lit our boring days with some outstanding cricket.
He’s one person no parent would twice to ask their kids to idolise, you think you and I would ever ask someone to look upto a Harbhajan, Symnonds or a shoaib Akhtar, yes they are good players but would you want your kid to become like them? I guess this is where scahin is so special, we need icons like him to look upto, someone who’s hardworking, humble and a fierce competitor.
Everything that could be said about his Cricket has been written about a million times. I have nothing new to add neither am I a Cricket analyst to write about his technique and skill, I’m just a fan of his who is happy and thankful for the entertainment he has provided over the decades.
Just want to wish him well and hope he will continue to add more smiles to our lives. Happy Birthday Sachin.