Have you ever had a dream which felt…

Have you ever had a dream which felt so very REAL? I guess most of us might have experienced something of that sort at some point of time. I had few such experiences. One of the most dramatic  dreams  which I can never forget came up like a decade ago. I don’t remember the month or year, it was sometime during my Engineering days. This is what I saw.

The setting was my bedroom, night time, I saw myself  in a state of deep sleep when I was woken up by a huge aura of bright light and sparkles at my door. For a while all I could see was the bright white light, I struggled to see past the illuminated doorway. During all this I was still lying in my bed, too lazy to be startled or shocked. Little later the lights dimmed a little and I could see three huge men standing in front of the door, they looked intimidating, their faces were not visible as the light behind them over powered my vision. I was still there in my bed too weak to be overwhelmed. The main in the middle broke the silence and spoke in a heavenly tone, his voice resonated and echoed, yet it was crystal clear. He said he was Jesus and he’s here to ask me join him, he also said only 11 people can join him and I was supposed to be the 9th one. Next thing I remember was huge laughter, I was laughing like a maniac, I don’t really remember what I said but they started laughing as well. After a moment of hysteria, the lights dimmed further and I caught a glimpse of the man in the middle, he looked like the former wrestling superstar Hitman but he was dressed in white and looked extremely gentle. He asked once again “come with me”, and before I could reply everything went blank. The next day when I woke up I couldn’t shake off the was-it-real feeling and since then it is stuck in my mind.

It was a baffling experience and it continues to freak me out whenever I think of it. Was it Jesus? Why would Jesus come in my dream? Why did he want me to join him? and worse, Why was he looking like Hitman? 🙂 Whatever it was, this is one dream I always felt was so very real, at times I want to believe it was real because every second of it felt authentic, anyways that’s about it.

If you had any “real” dream, feel free to share. This is fun.