Michael Jackson

Music has never been my cup of tea however, like all I too enjoy Michael Jackson’s music. I never really understood how he could do so many things write, sing, dance, organize, direct and what not, he was truly a genius unfortunately his eccentric side tarnished his achievements, anyways everyone is flawed. Since I’m not much into lyrics and stuff, I have ranked them in terms of catchy tune and eye catching video. Here’s my pick.

1. Smooth Criminal: I was about 8 when I first heard this song, I really like the beats in this song and the video ( which I saw much later ) rocks big time. For me this is his best ever composition.

2. Billie Jean: Believe it or not, I first heard this song when he died ( I might have heard it before but I have no recollection of that ), it was being repeatedly  played on most Television channels the week he passed away. I liked the way it sounded. Later on, I checked out the video and also the motown show where he first showcased his very famous “moon walk”

3. Black or White: I love this song for its fantastic video, especially the part where he dances alongside an Indian dancer 😀

4. Remember the time: I have seen this video many a times, extremely refreshing.

5. Bad: Every “good” guys dream – to go bad.  😀

…Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad
Come On..
Bad, Bad, Really, Really Bad…

Do you agree with my ranking? let me know your favorites  🙂