It’s been a while haven’t posted here Last…

It’s been a while, haven’t posted here. Last two weeks have been hectic. I’m more of an indoor person however, now that I have decided to run with my own thing, frequent visits to prospects has left me low on energy by sunset. Out in the field, I often falter in sales, still learning πŸ™‚ . Sales doesn’t come naturally to me, especially rate negotiation anyways, it’s a much better start than what I expected.

The major advantage of getting into the field is you make good contacts, build business network and at times bump into pretty faces πŸ™‚ So, overall it’s a pleasant experience. But on the downside, it takes a toll on your body and concentration deflates big time ( atleast in my case ).

I want to blog often, if possible daily but I don’t think it is going happening. Anyways, I’m enjoying my time. To make life simpler and stay in contact with my blog buddies Β I would greatly appreciate if you could join in one/all of the below social networking platforms.!/narendrareddyz