Gaming has never been my cup of tea…

Gaming has never been my cup of tea. Rather, I haven’t tried it often despite the fact that we had a PC at home as early as 2001. PC games never excited me, so was the case with game stations. In 2007, a hardcore gamer friend of mine convinced me to try few games. I was initiated to ‘Age of Empires’ and it freaked me out, hated it. So, he put me into midtown madness. That’s something which appeased my senses as you could drive at random and break every traffic rule. Dodging pedestrians gave me psychotic pleasure. πŸ˜€

However, once I was back from Bangalore, never took to gaming again. Over the last couple of years games have never crossed my mind. Last week my sister was back from Australia. She got a Sony PSP. Earlier in the day I was casually frisking the stylish gadget, upgraded the software, and just for the heck of it tried out the game ‘God of War’. Within 10 minutes I was totally into it. Later in the evening I spent good 2 hours and sailed through various levels with ridiculous ease. The game is crazy, loads of bloodshed, plenty of monsters, huge dragons and hosts of mind boggling creatures mesmerized my senses. Easy game play and help options got me going with limited struggle. The graphics are awesome and sound effects compliment the visuals. I like the fact that the protagonist doesn’t get killed easily and he gets to slaughter everything in his way with a vengeance. The part where the lead smashes the head of baddie despite his calls to spare his life satisfied the savage inside me, I was literally jumping in joy as Kratos ( the lead ) mercilessly hammers the bad guys head. Wow! what a bloody sight. wwooohhhhhhhoooo!! πŸ˜›

After repeatedly marauding scores of freaks and a painful thumb I gave up for time being. And guess what, I’m so peaceful now, virtual slaughtering has such a calming effect. Hoping to go on a rampage tomorrow. πŸ˜›