Chennai Rail

MRTS Train station in Chennai

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In couple of years time, Chennai city will join select band of cities which will operate 4 different types of intra-city rail network. Currently city has the conventional broad gauge train, it covers the as well as the entire metropolitan area. The second format is again an broad gauge train however the difference is it’s completely on an elevated platform, locals call it ‘parakkum rail’ (Flying rail ). Third is Metro Rail, it’s currently under construction, it’s expected to add the newage and hi-tech dimension to Chennai’s transport network, the first phase is expected to be functional in 2013. And now two days ago the new government has approved a mono rail project, that again will add to the megacities transport needs. Unlike other metroes in India, Chennai has always been a step ahead in terms of thinking long term and providing multiple modes of transport for the citizens.

Road network is still a mess though, I hope in coming years we will have broader roads which will support traffic at high speeds and host best of the safety features.

Chennai is fast emerging as one of the busiest cities in Asia, already nick named as ‘The Detroit of Asia’ infrastructure and transportation is extremely important for the city to do well in the long run. The government seems to be making the right moves.

Personally, I would want to see chennai become one of the best in the world, atleast during my lifetime. The people of this city deserve it. And it’s so very pleasing to know that things are moving in the right direction. Big yyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy to ‘singara’ Chennai.