Potter Mania

About 8 years ago around the same time, I had just got into a B-school, most of the kids were still trying to bond with one another. And then came a wave named ‘Harry Potter’ which galvanized most of us. The fifth book ‘ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ was up for release, it created such a buzz and hype, it was totally new for us in India. Never before had any book release received such dizzing media coverage. Naturally it became a huge talking point amongst the management students for the sheer hype and promotions.

Among us, dwelled few hardcore Potter fans, Subbu and ripujeet. Subbu used to sit next to me and ripujeet was right behind us. These guys went total nuts as the launch date came closer, they used to share many a Potter related stories with great enthusiasm, we used to spent hours discussing and speculating the possible plot of the 5th book and the future roadmap. At that point of time I hadn’t read any of the books, but I had heard enough from the hardcore fans to know decent amount of details. I finally read the series much later in 2007, and I went backwards from Part VII to I ( Please don’t ask me why, I have no explanation for such behavior )

Since then my fascination for Potter movies and books has remained spirited. I have seen only 6 films a the Cinemas over the last 5 years out of which 3 have been Potter movies, such is the charm of Potter movies, for me it’s nothing less than a phenomenon. And now that the final edition is about to release in less than month’s time, Potter fever is back. The trailers are brilliant, looks like the makers have left no stone unturned to make this a big success.



I’m waiting for this with bated breath, finally I’ll be going to the Cinemas after a hiatus. And Potter movie is worth the money. Guaranteed Entertainment.