Wall..no..not facebook wall

Little while ago, I was at my favorite girl’s home. They have redone their place. I was completely bowled over by the art work in the hall, it’s simple and eye catching, Brilliant blend of gold and red color appeased my senses, radiates energy, love the wall. Master bedroom has a much docile outlook, it’s painted in blue. Kitchen sported a pleasant look. However, what stole the show was the secondary bedroom. It’s built around a ‘fairy’ theme. When the lights are on you see fairy, stars, butterflies and few cute looking clouds. I was totally charmed by the theme. And what really floored me was the glow effect when you turn off the lights, so lovely. It’s been a while since I fell for something as simple as that. In love with the wall. And of course with the girl πŸ™‚

You can see a tiny portion of the wall, it look golden thanks to the camera flash. And in case you’re wondering what was I trying to do, I have NO CLUE.

Ahhh!!!! Fairy wall, Wow!!!