Cartoon Characters

Cartoon / Animation movies are something I love to watch once in a while, over time have relished watching  plenty of 2D movies. The leads are always lovable however what really adds life to these animated films are the lesser characters. Here’s a list of three of my most favorite cartoon characters, there’s every chance you may not have noticed them but you know what they’re amazing.


1. Darla ( Finding Nemo ) – The geeky little mad girl from ‘Finding Nemo’. She reminds me of my favorite girl who tragically passed away last year.


2. King Julien ( Madagascar & Madagascar 2) – Brilliantly done, one of the most humorous cartoon characters I have ever seen. Watch these clips below and you would know why I rate him so high 😀


3. Buck ( Ice Age 3 ): He’s cool, smart, funny, name’s Buck. check this out




Who’re your favorite’s?