go4runs – The journey so far

When I formally started my Business Venture, go4runs few months ago, everything  inside me was so very chaotic. The pressure to do well was terribly high. Last few years have been exasperating on career front so, I was rattled at the thought of yet another failure. Naturally, I started the venture amidst a cloud of uncertainty.

To be honest I didn’t know what service to offer. I didn’t know what to do. However, I knew that I was getting into the right domain as Social Media Marketing Industry was pretty nascent in Chennai.

But fate struck, my first deal went bad, it was an order to do a case study for an IT company but the COO guy went nuts and turned aggressive because I hadn’t said a ‘sorry’ for the mistake my team had committed in the draft version. I didn’t want to take the work further especially after such an uneasy start and we gave up the opportunity and carried home an important lesson on the the depth of a ‘Sorry ‘ 🙂

Over the next few weeks I did several meetings with prospects but for some reason deals weren’t coming. This was the toughest phase as deals were not happening and opportunities seemed to drift away for reasons which were not in my control. During this period ( in fact, since beginning ) my good friend, Arvinth would daily harrass me on visiting the Kalahasti temple. But, I being an Atheist never payed heed to his banter. I kept procrastinating.

With deals not coming by it set an alarming fear inside my heart. I did’t want to fail this time around. As luck would have it, a schoolmate of mine was visiting Kalahasti and asked me to join in. I went there purely because I was in a state of mind where I would have done anything & everything which might bring in some good fortune. *much needed*

Meantime, my routine of doing  meetings with prospects and making proposals was going on as usual. After 2 weeks of Kalahasti visit I made my first deal. Call it divine grace, magic or hard work, end of the day, go4runs made its first ever business deal. The client was extremely pleased with our work and vowed to return to us as and when they see a need.

This week we made two crucial deals, the one with an American company has a serious potential of taking go4runs to the next level and more importantly my company was paid a healthy advance.

All of sudden the ball has started to roll. We received two advance payments, trust me it’s an amazing feeling, I have never felt this way in ages. Now the effort is on delivering good work and make repeat business purely on solid performances. The very vision and mission of go4runs is to help its customers make 2-3 times the money they invest on marketing activities.

It’s still early days but I decided to capture this moment in my blog. It has been a decent journey, lot of disappointments and few bright moments but, most importantly go4runs has started to move in the right direction. I’m extremely pleased with the little progress I made. I can feel nerves settling down, focus is on doing well and making all the stakeholders feel proud for being associated with go4runs.