My Favorite Moment

Few hours ago, I wished my friend from Pakistan on her Birthday and I asked her to share her happiest moment before she could say anything the topic drifted away. Later on I sat back and involuntarily dug deep into my memories to pick my favorite.

I have a handful but the first meeting with little Meghana stands out and it’s an extremely precious moment for me. Exactly 10 days after she was born, my family decided to pay her avisit. It goes without saying I was thrilled. Call me to visit a baby and I would say a YES in a jiffy.

I went with high hopes of seeing a cute little doll but when she eventually glided out of her bedroom, what I saw was a tiny little rat, purple lips, bald head, she was ugly 🙂 however, she stole my heart, call it love at first sight.



I was eager to hold her, never before had I held a baby that young. As I watched my mom gently transfer her into my arms, Uncle Kumar’s heart melted, I was holding this tiny rat, her fingers were sharp and pointed, nose was hard and round, her gentle moments were creepy and scared me but I held on not without heaps of anxiety though, every time she moved my heart would be in my mouth, I was so scared 🙂  she weighed like a little dumbel, made weird sounds, eyes were half closed, mouth was half open and she would often stick out her tongue, so sweet to say the least. Holding her for the first time gave me immense happiness. I didn’t want to let her go, I kept teasing her cheeks and chin, I placed my finger in her palm and she grabbed it with lots of effervescence. I was like, shall we say in a state of bliss.

Whenever I feel sad or want to feel better I play this video, I love that moment so much. I can’t imagine how a simple video can have such a therapeutic effect but it works for me. I like to believe it’s her charm that does the magic.

What’s your favorite memory? please do share 🙂