10 reasons why I DO NOT support Anna Hazare

1. He always wears whites, so boring, needs a makeover. Hire Manish Malhotra and give him a touch of leather and khaki.

2. He quit smoking and drinking. Mera neta, nahi peeta? Yeh kaisa neta hai?

3. I don’t like his eye glasses. Big B, please lend him the ones you wearing for KBC.

4. He doesn’t have a six pack. * shaking my head *

5. He was arrested. My school teacher had told me only bad people get arrested.

6. He’s a poor public speaker. Mr. Obama, can you fly out your speech writer? someone out here badly needs one.

7. He didn’t complete his schooling. Bad Kiddie. Put him into an Adult education programme.

8. He has a big nose. Rakhi Sawant, pass on your Cosmetic Surgeons number to him.

9. He wears a ‘Nehru’ cap. So, out of fashion. How about CSK cap? maybe Mumbai Indian’s cap.

10. He never eats, always fasting. Girls might mistake that for a shortcut to slim down. Bad example.


Though I do not support Anna for all the above short comings. I do support his larger vision against corruption.