Year 2011 is coming to an end, time to look at those celebrities /sport stars/ organizations who really got to my nerves for the wrong reasons, for that, they deserve ‘ONE TIGHT SLAP’. So, here we go


Shah Rukh Khan: For his over the top promotions of Ra.One, utter nonsense for a mindless movie.

Amitabh Bachchan: For creating unusual hype around ‘ Beti B’. What the hell is ”Beti B’ give her a name.

Ricky Ponting: For overstaying his welcome at International Cricket. You really think you can do a Sachin or Dravid?

Shahid Afridi: Either you retire or you play. Make up your mind.

Sharad Pawar: Oops! someone already slapped him. I won’t mind giving him one more.

Aamir Khan: For signing up for a TV show. Trust me we’re bored of celebrities doing stupid stuff on TV.

Dhanush & team: For ‘Why this kolaveri’. Teach that to your kid? not cool anymore, right?

Government of India: For rolling back FDI in retail. I want Walmart, Tesco, Carrefour blah blah..

Slut gang ( Poonam Pandey, Veena Malik, Rakhi Sawant) : Are you women? ….Really?…. Seriously?….I mean REALLY?

Kim Kardashian: Your mom never slapped, You definitely deserve it. Mummy ke kaan neeche bhi ek lagana padega.

Tata Group: For the biggest ever corporate ‘eyewash’ . After close to 2 years of professional head hunting & corporate committees, all you did was name the son of the single largest shareholder as the Chairman. How lame is that?

Steve Jobs: For turning the people of this world into ‘Show offs’. I got an iPhone…ne na na ne na. Lucky, you died.

Narayana Murthy: For abusing the phrase ‘creating value to the customer’. Stop saying that,PLEASE. It’s really annoying.