Social Media Sob Story

I follow a Hi-flying CEO on Twitter, during today’s Ind-Aus Cricket match these were his tweets in the final hour.

1) #msdhoni making an easy match a difficult one! Shastri – “match is nicely poised”!

2) Today if #msdhoni throws his wicket, I will be really happy!

3) Its tougher with Raina gone!

4) #msdhoni responsible for Raina’s indiscretion and dismissal!

5) Jadeja is now left to justify his $ 2 million tag.

6) #msdhoni needs a large dose of Revital.

7) The chopper taking off? Too late?

8) #msdhoni has luck on his side!

So, what I’m trying to prove?

Cynicism and Pessimism has robbed the world of  Twitter. This is just one of the millions of examples ( I still have high regards for this man though ) however, it’s hard to fathom the constant ranting & cribbing on Twitter, it has become a place where majority are cribbing and complaining. And very few post ‘happy’ tweets as if they were perennially doomed.

And then there is another set – WOMEN. One look into facebook and you would find at least 50% of your female friends posting touchy and sissy updates on a painful heart or mourning about some “love” thingy. Maybe it is “COOL” to portray ‘lady in distress’ image but beyond a point no one cares, it is plain idiocy. Moreover, how bad can your life get if you have 24X7 access to internet, fancy gizmo at your disposal to make constant updates, good clothes to wear, awesome food to eat, blah blah blah. So, how bad can your life get after all?

With so much ranting and outpour of emotions, Social Media is slowly turning into a sad and lonely universe, every little cheer on social media is punctuated by dozens of sob stories. I totally understand one can be sad or upset once a while but for what I see on social media, I recommend medical help.

In the end this post has turned into one of those.

Hello, Doctor! Naren here  🙂