I like you, I will give you the deal

Sales meetings have become a common feature of my life ever since I started go4runs last June. I had a meeting scheduled for today so, last night I religious googled on best strategies to make impactful sales pitch, I scanned through quite a few articles however, one that stood out had listed 14 keywords which top management professionals payed attention to. I literally memorized all of them as I had made up my mind to make a mind blowing sales pitch and walk away with a deal.

As always I reached the propsects office well before time, I had to wait for about 40 minutes since the CEO guy was in a dealmeeting, sitting there I tried to recollect all the keywords and rehearse my short pitch. After a longish wait I was called in. And exactly at that very moment something had changed inside me, I opened the discussion with an open mind, set aside all the keywords and just went with the flow.

Like most top management professionals this person was warm and friendly. I took him through my company’s profile, showed him our work, things went on smoothly. He later gave me complete insight into his organization’s product lines, requirements and objectives. In between we would drift into general topics. We shared few stories from our experiences with customers, college stories etc. During all this I neither uttered a single keyword nor played out any fancy tactic which I had browsed through.

After close to 2 hours into the discussion, he suddely said  ‘I like you, I will give you the deal’. It brought out a big smile on my face. He repeated ‘ I like you, I will give you the deal’. My smile had grown wider. He emphasized on I being a likeable person. I was on the verge of lol mode, just about managed to hold back. At the end of it, I walked out not only winning the deal also a man’s trust. Important lesson learnt, strategies and tactics may improve your chances of winning a deal but honesty and earnesty will win you much more including the deal.