Why India is not able to produce a Mark Zuckerberg ?

Ever wondered why India with the access to the finest engineering talent hasn’t produced a Mark Zucerberg ( Founder, Facebook ) or Segery Bin ( Co-Founder, Google ) or a Bill Gates  ( Co-Founder, Microsoft )? Why is that India is not able to churn out young dot com multi-millionaire’s?

Here’re few burning reasons behind this unfortunate status.

Environment: Starts right from home. Parents often encourage their kids to look for a “Job”. The seed is sown very early. Creativity is appreciated however, end of the day, parents are grooming their juniors to become employees not innovators.  We live in an environment which condemns innovation and rewards conventional approach. Schools focus on marks, Teachers focus on Subjects, Parents on jobs & social security hence, any scope of entrepreneurship is culled at an early age .

Syllabus driven Education: Schools and Universities in India are blindly driven by syllabus. It is war out there, war to score more  marks, I have nothing against this system one has to be competitive and marks work as a reference point. But running after numbers isn’t helping anyone. Many a top colleges in India punish kids who for skipping exams for sports or a seminar. Naturally, kids with creative streaks curb their instincts and fall in line to score marks.

Untrained Faculty: In my country the best kids study hard and fly abroad, the average ones take plush corporate jobs, below average fellows take sarkari jobs and the leftovers become Teachers. Such is the plight of our education industry. Now, how can dumb faculty inspire a kid to be an entrepreneur? World wouldn’t have had Zuckerberg or bin if their faculty hadn’t inspired and supported them during their early stages of development. The sheer brilliance of their faculties helped those young  kids turn into super successful entrepreneurs. In India, faculty would rubbish kids efforts to try something different.

Lack of Infrastructure: Most institutions in India haven’t invested in IT infrastructure, for that matter any sort of Infrastructure. Very few institutions have the funds to build a network on the lines of a Harvard or Stanford. These stupid institutions do not realize that by grooming young entrepreneurs and faulty driven research would attract huge industry investments, they don’t have to wait for government funds or loot poor parents of their hard earned money. But no one is going to do that because we love to ransack people.

Peer Pressure: There were atleast a dozen kids with whom I studied who possessed brilliant minds, they could have easily gone on to become successful technocrats or entrepreneurs but thanks to morons in the  class they were ridiculed and laughed at, nuts would be like ‘Oh…you think you can be a Bill Gates ‘. Most gave up for they feared rejection and bullying. All of them are doing good in their careers but they had it in them to be much better.

Unless and until these freaking issues are going to addressed, India is never going to produce a Billionaire straight out of a college. We will keep producing brilliant kids who would work for those Billionaires and continue to believe that we did awesome because we got paid few tens of thousands of dollars.