Why I started Blogging ?

I had registered with Blogger way back in 2006. However, it was not until Jan 2009 did I start Blogging. I kept procrastinating till I set chatting with a lovely girl. During one of our mindless chats she was like ‘ Hey, Why don’t you Blog ‘ I don’t remember why and how the topic of Blogging came up but she managed to coax me to Blog. So I did some research, couple of days later I published my first post, it was about ‘Anger’.

She liked my post so did few others,  that gave me lots of happiness and confidence to Blog frequently. It’s extremely unfortunate that the person who inspired me to Blog is no longer in talking terms with me, in fact we lost track the very same year. Every time I login to Blog I remember her and Thank her for sowing the seeds of Blogging, without her I doubt Blogging would have been part of my system.

There’s one more reason why I continued to Blog after the initial hoopla. I figured out that most girls out here found it as something “intelligent” and “Suave”. Like at a job I took up in mid-2009, within Days all the girls at office knew about my Blog, and suddenly everybody knew me. It is such a wonderful feeling when people like you even without knowing you. I would like to believe my Blog gave them an insight about my personality, which built positive projections. Moreover, I was the only one who Blogged at that office which clearly helped me score points over others.

So, that was a phase where I posted because I found recognition among the fairer sex. Once I crossed that stage, I took up the ‘Post a Day Challenge’.  It went on well for 3 months and then monotony was taking away the joy the Blogging so, I scaled down and went back to Adhoc ways.

I never considered myself as a serious Blogger though I handle Blogs for corporates, my personal Blog is just a fun place, a workshop of sorts where I capture my views and opinions on stuff that matters to me.

What’s your story? How and Why did you start to Blog Who was your inspiration ? feel free to share in the comments section or best write a post and leave the link.