5 things I Like and Dislike about ‘Satyamev Jayate’

After all the hype and build up, Aamir Khan finally made his Television debut with ‘ Satyamev Jayate ‘. Here are 5 things which I liked and Disliked about the show.


1) Content: Star actor exploits his mass popularity to addresses social issues. That’s a first on Indian Television, though the show in itself doesn’t do anything path breaking, there were few shows in the past which have addressed social issues ( who can forget Priya Tendulkar‘s ‘Rajani’ ) but I liked the content which was all pruned up.

2) No Melodrama: The first few minutes gave me scare that this show is just one of those suckers of emotions but luckily theysatyamev_jayate didn’t  go deep into the sob stories ( though enough tears were shed, just about bearable ). Also, Aamir didn’t go overboard with melodramatic or “filmy”  lines, sanity prevailed and hey, no crazy background music to heighten the drama 🙂

3) Guest is the star of the show: Aamir maintained a low profile through out the show and allowed his guests to take the center stage. This is normal in Talk shows but for a superstar to take the back seat needs some guts, Big hand to Aamir for that.

4) Well Researched: Aamir’s team has done awesome amount of research which clearly comes through in the show, no gas, no nonsense, just facts, they presented meaningful data along with good stories from different strata’s of the society which is really terrific.

5) Duration: Initially I felt 1.5 hours is going to be too long but after the first 15 minutes, the show kept up a good pace, none of the sessions were extended and Ad breaks weren’t annoyingly lengthy. Overall a good show and 90 minutes well invested.


1) ‘ Aamir’ the Actor: I’m sure most of us would agree that Aamir was strictly following the script, he didn’t come out to be natural. unlike BIG B and SRK who establish great connection with the audience, courtesy their charm and zest, Aamir clearly lacks the aura, I found him little out of sorts. I’m not saying he has to make us ROFL but he didn’t seem to connect well with the audience.

2) Poor production value: Something isn’t right about the show. I felt it was badly edited, usually we have these portion where the guest is welcomed onto the stage but here all of a sudden you find the guest on the couch, Aamir is magically transported from the stair to the couch,  that is poor editing. The stage erected was strictly ordinary, a ridiculous looking sofa and a round table, the props used in the show were disappointing and the customary SMS bhejo scheme, I mean can’t you do something different ?

3) Paid Audience: What was the audience doing? other than shedding tears, they were left at sea. Aamir needs to quickly learn few tricks from BIG B in getting the audience involved. You can’t have 100 odd people in a room and make no use of them, for me that’s a cardinal sin. Pity the Audience.

4) Nothing tangible: During the show, Aamir said he would write a letter to the CM of Rajasthan, so why waste time ? why didn’t he just write a letter in front of  us and mail it? why wait for our SMSes? After all he could have sent a follow up mail with our SMS thingy little later. He had a great opportunity to do something positive but EoD I felt he did what our netas do, promise and escape. where’s the accountability? will we ever know if he’s actually going to send a mail?

5) Low on creativity – Satayamev Jayate team needs to package old wine in new bottle else they would miss out on younger audience. The first episode gave me an impression that the show aimed at middle aged people, younger lot had nothing for them. I know he’s dealing with social issues but that doesn’t mean one has to come out brooding and throw in stats, tell me which youth is interested in all that ?