Incredible Hulk – I

Many years ago, I was fiercely inspired by Superheroes. An ardent follower of the likes of Captain Marvel ( he’s always smiling ) and He-Man, I like many kids secretly nursed aspirations to be one of them.

But fate wasn’t kind on me, my medical condition didn’t allow me to be as physically active as I wouldhulk have ideally desired . Over time I neglected my physical health, it got worse over time and dipped to alarming levels. Finally, after all the coaxing ( read as threats ) from parents & family and some random spark of  enlightenment, I was ready to address my physical needs.

As luck would have it, Mahesh decided to transfer his Gym membership to me, 99F is a decent place with a great panaromic view of the city. I guess the place is little small for a Gym, during peak hours the place would probably be reminiscent of Ranganthan street.

The first day I walked into the floor, I saw few gigantic men sweating away for glory. All beefed up and pumping in some serious, heavy-duty IRON. An inspiring sight for someone who is at the exact opposite end of the spectrum.

The Gym in itself houses interesting set of people, lots of youngsters, few oldies, few fat girls, friendly trainers and sharp housekeepers.

My trainer is a young lady, physiotherapist by profession, carries an infectious smile however, she’s strict in her own way and I’m glad there’s a healthy sync between us, which is already yielding positive results. Besides her, we have another young lady with reddish eyes, for a second I thought she was one of the Cullens 🙂 there are also couple of strong men ( male trainers ), one of whom I like to refer as “Hulk”, just like Captain Marvel he’s always smiling, quite endearing for a big guy.

Among the members, there’s an elderly lady who caught my attention for her stupendous spirit and astounding energy ( She’s rides the cycle at over 85RPM / level 6, trust me that’s brilliant ). For now she’s my benchmark, I want to emulate her in the medium term.

The other members I get to see during my time slot are mostly young men, all trying to stay in shape. The women who come in are kind of on the heavier side, trying hard to shed the excess kilos. I was particularly struck by a short, chubby girl who was going nuts on the spin machine, extremely impressed by her zest to stay fit.

However, my personal favorite at the Gym is the dietician, who for some reason doubles up as the admin/receptionist. A smart looking lady with a gentle smile. And a quick mention about the celebrity member, a flop movie star, Shantanoo literally goes unnoticed. I didn’t even know he existed till my trainer pointed out the other day 🙂

I’m thankful to Mahesh for getting me into this and I hope I would do well and improve my fitness levels and maybe someday I would walk out as the next “Incredible Hulk”  🙂