Alpha, Beta and I

It was late August 2010, after a prolonged struggle I finally got a contract job opportunity. Guess it was Day 2, I was introduced to a young Marketing Trainee, Beta ( Name changed for good reasons ). I wasn’t exactly amused by her however, the next day I invited her to join for lunch ( as I didn’t want eat all alone ) she politely agreed and minutes into lunch we were having an animated conversation, that was the beginning to a new friendship. We got along extremely well. She was smart, enterprising and outgoing creature. We shared may wise moments, our chat sessions were crazy. During most of our chats I used to coax her to introduce me to this bright looking, recruiter (Let’s call her Alpha ). This was a girl who sat 2 seats away to my left and I must confess I was definitely interested to know her.

After couple of abrupt attempts, Beta finally managed to successfully put me in touch with Alpha. From then onwards we three along with another young lady had delightful times, our friendship was heading in the right track, we could crack jokes, poke fun and had best of times especially, during the lunch and coffee break. And then things went bad, really bad  🙂

On the outsest Alpha seemed to be extremely sweet, polite and courteous. Naturally, I was fascinated towards Alpha  but for some reason  Beta was upset with me. She started to believe that I was ignoring her and moving closer to Alpha. However, I never saw it that way, Infact I was more comfortable with Beta but she failed to recognize the respect I had for her. All of a sudden Beta turned hostile, she was clearly avoiding me. When I confronted her she said I was like all the guys misused her friendship to get to another girl, that made me uneasy because I wasn’t hitting on Alpha, just because I liked her it was misinterpreted to be something else. Beta’s lack of understanding exasperated me, I was hoping her to be more sensible but she refused to listen to me and distanced herself from me.

Alpha on the other end was stable for the first few weeks but pretty soon I was  in for a rude shock. She turned hysterical after a fight brewed up between us on the eve of Diwali, to be honest I’m not able to recollect the reason, it was the most significant and nonsensical  fight I had with anyone 🙂

I tried calling truce but Alpha was extremely mad at me. Since that point of time she repeatedly puzzled me over ridiculous issues, to an extent that she completely freaked me out. I was still fond of her though hence, I tried to push for peace but no breakthrough. Meanwhile, People at office started to perceive that we were an item, I was totally stumped when couple of my colleagues asked me about it. Others thought we were close, in reality Alpha and I were in a non-existent power struggle, despite excellent chemistry between us, the fun was ruined by her mindless attacks.

Beta’s stint at work was cut short after an ugly incident with that our friendship also fell apart. Things were never same after that, she had clearly lost faith in me and that for me was disappointing. I’m not sure about her but I certainly lost a good friend. The last few weeks before she left were the toughest for me. Both the girls had in a way made up their mind to take away my happiness. Beta was keen to teach me a lesson ( not one, many ) and Alpha was at her ridiculous best. From being the central figure, I turned into sitting duck during lunch and coffee breaks. Their plan worked, I was cornered, despite being part of the group, they hardly spoke to me.

Once Beta left things got better between Alpha and me. However, it was not like before. I was no more excited to spend time with her. Her absurd nature was a big put off. I could never figure out what sort of pleasure she derived by driving me mad. Despite the love-hate relationship, we had many sparkling moments especially during the year end. However, the undercurrent of tension refused to die down.

It has been over 18 months since I left that job. We fellows still keep in touch and recollect those mad days. I  can’t blame them completely as I couldn’t crack the code . Nonetheless, a priceless experience.