Incredible Hulk – Part 2

One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago your body couldn’t do what it just did .” I just completed 8 weeks of my “Incredible Hulk” journey and there were atleast 3 such occasions when I had that special feeling.

For the love of stats, I have added 6 kg, now almost close to ideal weight against my height. Lost 12% of Body fat and only 5% away from attaining optimal Body fat vs Muscle ratio. Metabolism rate is near perfect, posture has improved considerably, Balance is better than before.

By simply allocating 2 hours of gym time daily, I have reaped considerable benefits in a relatively short span. The vision, of course is to transform into “Hulk” however, that can be attained gradually. I spoke to one strongman at gym, he took about 3 years to turn into Ironman ( without any help of drugs ). 🙂

The near term target is to reinforce my lower half, back and to be able to walk atleast 1km non-stop. I also fancy doubling the number of push-up’s and my paramount focus is on improving flexibility & agility.

There is one major disappointment though, nothing much has happened to my ugly belly, it still looks embarrassing. Due to my surgeries behind the neck I’m unable to do the necessary exercises to burn tummy fat. Hope in due course of time the trainer will figure out few techniques to accelerate the process.

Among the members, I got in touch with few. My favorite among them is a Cricket coach, I’m most certainly inspired by his gym ethic. Also been talking to a young college student and one budding actor, his movie is up for release next month end, I hope he tastes success for he happens to be a kind gentleman. My favorite girls gang is missing from action thanks to the Ramzan season, I hope they would be back next week.

It has been an exciting journey so far. Watching the Olympic games, seeing all those beefed up macho men achieve marvelous records has been a great inspiration, someday I want to have a body like them. As of the records, they can keep them, I’m not after that 🙂

Just have to stick to my routine and watch out for those awesome moments. Shall come back with more updates after few weeks.