Rise of Andy Murray

After 4 shots at glory, Britain’s Andy Murray finally nailed it and how. After a sensational comeback from Joker, Murray’s inspirational last set heroics sealed the deal for him. Ever since he hit limelight losing to RF in 2008 he’s has consistently failed to end up on the Andy Murraywinning side, he has made it to last 4 on ten occasions before Monday nights victory.


For my friends and me, and I guess for most people Murray was fast becoming a synonym to the word “Looser”, a someone who didn’t have the big match temperament. However, over the last 10-12 months he has grown  physically stronger and elevated his overall gameplay. Though, I’m not an expert at tennis, I guess it’s more to do with his mental and physical provess. Earlier he strugggled to knock out the big players at the key moments of a match, even Djokovic had a similar problem. But, with time and maturity ( and RF’s fading charm ) these younger men have eventually caught up. This was bound to happen, a player like Murray was too good to keep loosing for such a long period, now is his time and I foresee over the next few years he will be a formidable force. Which means there will be a three way fight for supremacy alongside Joker and Nadal ( who has made French open his own for a while now ). No disrespect to RF but we have to accept the fact that sooner or later age will win the race, though he might steal 1-2 grand slams before sun sets on him.


Going back to Andy Murray, he’s now a epitaph of perseverance and hard work. It’s very easy to loose heart after the kind of loses he had at the top level but, he hung in there and delivered big time. A huge lesson for all of us, take a leaf out of Murray’s career, hang in there your time will come.