Fight against Rape

The recent gangrape and subsequent death of ‘Amanat’ has led to widespread outrage in India, and rightly so. Crime of this nature has been rampant in India especially in Delhi, NCR. Naturally, the heat is on the government and in a certain manner on Gents.Rape_Illustration

I don’t want to trivialize the crime, the criminals deserve extreme punishment but at the same time I take a cautious look at the other side of the crime.

The question I would ask is if my house got robbed, whose fault is it? Is it the robber’s because he derives cheap thrills by looting others? or Is it police’s because they didn’t provide enough security in my locality? or Is it mine for not doing enough for keeping my house safe and out of bounds against theft ?

The point I’m trying to make is if I’m cognizant of the fact that I live in a crime prone area and still leave my house unprotected, then how can I blame a robber for targeting my house ?

However, in the case of a rape, the situation is lot different. But, my point is the onus is also on the women to protect themselves, for it is impossible to police & offer protection to every lady in the country. Even if the force were doubled or tripled such crimes are in every likelihood going to continue.

So along with trying to teach manners to an entire generation of men, equal effort must be put in to educate women folk to fight and in way predict potential scenarios. Some random stat says that 97% of rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. And it baffles me that the victim in most cases might have never figured it out that she is targeted by that person.

Women need to be sensitized about various means to tackle such scenarios and be well equipped. It’s not about carrying pepper spray or wearing modest clothing, it’s more of attitudinal change which would allow them to judge people & scenarios which can lead to disaster.

This is just an opinion, as long as women feel safe and such crimes end, I’m in support of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING which can get us to that juncture. Let me know your thoughts.