A start


Ever since my under-grad days, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, someone who created jobs and wealth.

And then I went to a B-school, by then I was pretty sure which direction I wanted to go. But after studies, I failed flat with my first venture, probably because I wasn’t ready and my commitment was lacking.

Naturally, I fell into the conventional track, took a job but for some reason my attitude towards work was terrible, initially I thought this was temporary, would get adjusted. But, it continued. I shifted jobs in search of the “perfect” one. The deal at iGate did provide great relief but somehow, it was not happening. And then after several years of agony, Jan 2011, I was asked to go out of Kaar, which happens to be my last employer. I would like to believe that was the best thing to happen.

That’s when I started things on my own, it was really hard to get things moving but eventually the wheel was in action, slowly & steadily thanks to brilliant clients and associates life improved. Now after close to 2 years, I’m taking the biggest leap of faith, an office 🙂

A very kind and generous client is offering office space for three. Now I’m in the process of hiring couple of  amazing youngsters, extremely pleased with the guys I have short-listed. I sincerely hope, I can provide a nourishing work environment where their limits are challenged and everyday is unique, filled with exciting experiences which would not only help them develop into cutting edge, professionals but also groom them into better individuals.

The theme I have for my shop is “Employees First”, for without them nothing else would exist. I’m also going with my instincts and building a workplace where it won’t be about BOSS or peers, a place where focus would be on being AWESOME!

Fingers crossed as the D-day is nearing, hope for the best :- )