Yet another d***head bites the dust

So yet another d*** head dies of Substance abuse ( la polished term for drug overdose ). And yet again the media has gone soft on such a roach. I feel extremely angered when I read about these mindless celebs going nuts, wrecking their life and worse influencing an entire generation to doom.

It makes me even bitter when popular media goes gung ho, showering praise and at times even rewarding these pests ( like Oscar to Heath Ledger ). Though many may argue it’s to recognize their work but, I strongly loath such a debate. Doing drugs and producing results is treachery, an act of misguided superiority. It’s as good as doping in sports, if a sportsperson is being banned for doing drugs, so why isn’t a musician or actor or whoever it maybe left free and worse rewarded for producing results under the influence of drugs ?

Now that some ‘Glee’ jerk is dead, his channel comes out saying he was an “exceptional person”, my question is exceptional at what ? Why not make a strong statement and let the public know that drug addicts would never be a part of their show or set this case as an example to communicate to aspiring professionals to embrace a more sensible path to success. By calling him exceptional will send a wrong message. And to all those going bonkers over his death, please wake up, he’s just a dirty roach who doped his way to death, pity is not meant for such freaks. Such a waste.