The day I met my First Best Friend

There are very few days in our lives which stand out for its uniqueness, from bizarre to delightful, yesterday was one such in my life. After a mammoth gap of  2 decades, I met Ashvaraya Kharoo aka Ankur, my dearest childhood friend, a kid whose toothy smile, porcupine like hair and carefree gait were ever so deeply etched in my memory.

Ankur and I were neighbours, classmates and more importantly friends who shared some fantastic moments as kids. However, in 1994 our cord snapped abruptly, he moved to Dehradun and things drifted away. But, I was forever curious to know his whereabouts. And then fate it seems had its own way to bring back bichde huye dost, thanks to the world wide web, we connected and planned a get together.

So, we decided to catch up for a drink at CP. Finally, the moment had arrived, I was going to meet my first best friend, needless to say I was brimming with joy. And we met, spoke for several hours, about our childhood, school, college, family, careers and beyond, it was a seamless experience, though things had changed over the decades but it never seemed to take away the sheen of the friendship we had built long ago. Ankur was still the pleasant mannered kid whom I knew. It took me by surprise when he recollected many pieces from our childhood, it is such a shame that I don’t remember any of those but he seemed thrilled to recall those memories with extreme fondness. All this while, talking to Ankur, never for a second did I feel that here was someone new infront of me. And then the magical realization of meeting your first Best friend sank in. As I said goodbye for the evening, I knew this was an extraordinary moment from where our dosti will commence its 2nd innings. It was totally worth it and for some very strange reason we still sounded relevant and connected from where left 20 years ago. I was extremely tempted to click a buddy selfie but resisted and decided to absorb this priceless moment as part of memory.