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  • Narendra 10:46 am on March 18, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    The day I met my First Best Friend 

    There are very few days in our lives which stand out for its uniqueness, from bizarre to delightful, yesterday was one such in my life. After a mammoth gap of  2 decades, I met Ashvaraya Kharoo aka Ankur, my dearest childhood friend, a kid whose toothy smile, porcupine like hair and carefree gait were ever so deeply etched in my memory.

    Ankur and I were neighbours, classmates and more importantly friends who shared some fantastic moments as kids. However, in 1994 our cord snapped abruptly, he moved to Dehradun and things drifted away. But, I was forever curious to know his whereabouts. And then fate it seems had its own way to bring back bichde huye dost, thanks to the world wide web, we connected and planned a get together.

    So, we decided to catch up for a drink at CP. Finally, the moment had arrived, I was going to meet my first best friend, needless to say I was brimming with joy. And we met, spoke for several hours, about our childhood, school, college, family, careers and beyond, it was a seamless experience, though things had changed over the decades but it never seemed to take away the sheen of the friendship we had built long ago. Ankur was still the pleasant mannered kid whom I knew. It took me by surprise when he recollected many pieces from our childhood, it is such a shame that I don’t remember any of those but he seemed thrilled to recall those memories with extreme fondness. All this while, talking to Ankur, never for a second did I feel that here was someone new infront of me. And then the magical realization of meeting your first Best friend sank in. As I said goodbye for the evening, I knew this was an extraordinary moment from where our dosti will commence its 2nd innings. It was totally worth it and for some very strange reason we still sounded relevant and connected from where left 20 years ago. I was extremely tempted to click a buddy selfie but resisted and decided to absorb this priceless moment as part of memory.



    • Arvinth 6:49 pm on March 18, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      A good post after a long time. Keep writing dude.. Wherz our friendship ka post? 😛

    • Ramya 6:32 pm on April 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      childhood friends and friendship are treasured one throughout the life. Nice post yaar.

  • Narendra 7:47 pm on July 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: glee, Heath Ledger, Substance abuse   

    Yet another d***head bites the dust 

    So yet another d*** head dies of Substance abuse ( la polished term for drug overdose ). And yet again the media has gone soft on such a roach. I feel extremely angered when I read about these mindless celebs going nuts, wrecking their life and worse influencing an entire generation to doom.

    It makes me even bitter when popular media goes gung ho, showering praise and at times even rewarding these pests ( like Oscar to Heath Ledger ). Though many may argue it’s to recognize their work but, I strongly loath such a debate. Doing drugs and producing results is treachery, an act of misguided superiority. It’s as good as doping in sports, if a sportsperson is being banned for doing drugs, so why isn’t a musician or actor or whoever it maybe left free and worse rewarded for producing results under the influence of drugs ?

    Now that some ‘Glee’ jerk is dead, his channel comes out saying he was an “exceptional person”, my question is exceptional at what ? Why not make a strong statement and let the public know that drug addicts would never be a part of their show or set this case as an example to communicate to aspiring professionals to embrace a more sensible path to success. By calling him exceptional will send a wrong message. And to all those going bonkers over his death, please wake up, he’s just a dirty roach who doped his way to death, pity is not meant for such freaks. Such a waste.


  • Narendra 4:13 pm on May 5, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    A start 


    Ever since my under-grad days, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, someone who created jobs and wealth.

    And then I went to a B-school, by then I was pretty sure which direction I wanted to go. But after studies, I failed flat with my first venture, probably because I wasn’t ready and my commitment was lacking.

    Naturally, I fell into the conventional track, took a job but for some reason my attitude towards work was terrible, initially I thought this was temporary, would get adjusted. But, it continued. I shifted jobs in search of the “perfect” one. The deal at iGate did provide great relief but somehow, it was not happening. And then after several years of agony, Jan 2011, I was asked to go out of Kaar, which happens to be my last employer. I would like to believe that was the best thing to happen.

    That’s when I started things on my own, it was really hard to get things moving but eventually the wheel was in action, slowly & steadily thanks to brilliant clients and associates life improved. Now after close to 2 years, I’m taking the biggest leap of faith, an office 🙂

    A very kind and generous client is offering office space for three. Now I’m in the process of hiring couple of  amazing youngsters, extremely pleased with the guys I have short-listed. I sincerely hope, I can provide a nourishing work environment where their limits are challenged and everyday is unique, filled with exciting experiences which would not only help them develop into cutting edge, professionals but also groom them into better individuals.

    The theme I have for my shop is “Employees First”, for without them nothing else would exist. I’m also going with my instincts and building a workplace where it won’t be about BOSS or peers, a place where focus would be on being AWESOME!

    Fingers crossed as the D-day is nearing, hope for the best :- )



    • Arvinth 9:04 pm on May 5, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Yyyyaaayyy!!! Wish u all the very best bro!! U will do great!! Hope the 2-door bmw ride is round the corner!! 🙂

    • Ramya 12:36 pm on May 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Your theme is Excellent. you are the only person who gives imp to employees first. 🙂 Happy that I was also in that part. Wish you All the best for wonderful career 🙂

  • Narendra 10:19 pm on March 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Border–Gavaskar Trophy, , , ,   

    How India nailed the Aussies, 4-0 

    Before the Border-Gavaskar series began, I was quite weary as a fan. Recent defeat against England didn’t go down well with the Indian Cricket fan in me. Against Oz, though I knew it was one of their weakest teams in decades but, I wasn’t too sure about the Indian line-up.

    However, MSD’s mind blowing innings in the 1st Test wiped out my early doubts of the usual Batting catastrophe. It was the kind of knock which seriously dents the oppositions psyche. A double hundred in 2 sessions is quite an achievement. From that point onwards it seemed like Team India had magically taken complete control over the match and the series.

    Then the 2nd match happened, nothing much to talk about as Aussies were simply blown away to bits, first by Vijay-Pujara’s partnership and then some lethal bowling display. A paltry 131 is all that Aussies could make in the 2nd innings, a shameful performance by the once “Mighty” Aussies. Around that time most Indian fans and I had sensed that this is going to be a piece of cake for the Indians.

    Team India

    Team India

    In the 3rd Test, Aussies had a great start to the innings thanks to the openers and rain gods for taking away Day 1’s play, but then lighting struck and once again they were wrapped up for a modest total. At that point of time no one thought there could be positive result to the match, but then ‘moochad’ Shikhar Dhawan wanted to tell the world that he has arrived. A staggering century, fastest by a debutant completely changed the momentum of the match. Such a special innings, this should easily qualify as the best 100 in the recent times. After his blitz, Oz did try its best and set a modest target, which India finally scaled and just to tease the Aussies, they added some drama during the last hour. However, it was still an easy win for Team India.

    By the time the last match commenced it was almost sure that a spinning track was awaiting the Aussies. Well, it just took less than 3 days to destroy them, though I must say they did pretty well, especially the bowlers, having said that at no stage they looked like winning the match, atleast it was a decent fight.

    Team India’s triumph, a 4-0 whitewash, youngsters coming through and MSD the captain back on track. As an India cricket fan, I can’t ask for anything more. History says that Oz has always had difficulty visiting India, even Steve Waugh’s invincibles fell flat but a clean sweep is little too much. However, this story is not about Aussies fall, it’s India’s rise from the ashes, a story of a team propelled by bunch of youngsters, a team which was had lost 10 of its major Test matches. A win of this nature was unexpected, unbelievable. This series sweep has revitalized and renewed the joys of being an Indian Cricket fan. Looking forward to more thrills, more wins.

    • Arvinth 11:04 pm on March 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Yyyyaaayyyy!!! We want the super-man to alwaz fly and destroy baddies 😛

  • Narendra 12:39 pm on January 1, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Capital punishment, , , , Human rights, , , ,   

    Fight against Rape – A pitch 

    In a land where every possible crime is committed, having laws, be it strict or lenient is not going to solve anything. The ones who are not going to commit crime are anyways going to stay away and the ones who would are going to work things around it.

    For example, Terrorism, perhaps the most severe punishments are served against such acts but has that stopped or minimized Terrorism ? I guess the answer is NO. So, why hasn’t stringent laws deterred random youth, in few cases educated youth from flirting with such draconian activities ?

    I like to believe that a mind of a criminal is lot more complicated than a regular guy. Especially, the ones who commit one after rapeelaborate planning. And statistics reveal that a mind boggling 97% rapes are committed by people known to the victims. Which means we can safely presume these were planned and executed with clinical precision. Now, that is alarming. So, the next logical question would be how do you stop such planned crime against women ?

    I know many a suggestions and recommendations are doing rounds, each one has an opinion, few strong, few confused and few contradictory. Take for example, a news channel was talking about having more police around Malls, Railway stations, Bus terminus and other crowded areas meanwhile, another TV channel was lobbying for more protection is isolated areas since, they’re the places a lady would be at highest risk ( makes sense to me ).

    Here are my set of recommendations,

    1. Install Surveillance Camera’s in every street. Especially, ones which are isolated or far away from police stations or police chowk.

    2. Permit shops, malls, establishments etc to be open 24X7, 365 days. Let the city never sleep.

    3. Instead of distributing ‘Aakash’, the stupid tablet. Divert those funds to provide combat training & if possible some local variant of pepper spray for the female students.

    4. Of course, the laws need to be terrifying, I mean just chemical castration or 30 years imprisonment won’t do, it has to be something more torturous & lethal that would send shivers down the spine. ( I understand human rights violation and all, but do these criminals really deserve such rights ? )

    5. Movies & other mass media platforms need to reinvent themselves, when was the last time you saw “women” portrayed as a women in the Cinema,, my guess is ‘Mother India’ way back in 1957. After that it’s either bullshit or regressive. We need stricter guidelines for mass media, female folk deserve better representation.

    6. Women need to lift their game. If you want an equal standing, rise to it. Do not expect some man to respect you if women folk themselves are looking down on you. It’s not done at all. I don’t like the campaign which says ‘ Don’t ask your girls not to go out, teach your sons not to rape’ . Well you’re a mom or a sister to someone, why don’t you go and teach your folks. I mean stop blaming men for everything, look into your own world & fix the issues.  I recommend a massive overhaul, a steady and sustained educative campaign to empower women.

    7. As SRK put it ‘ I am so sorry that I am a man ‘. The biggest losers in this shameful process are the Gents. Raping or molesting a girl is an act of insanity, just terrible. We really need to revolutionize the way we treat our women. I know this is not going to happen in a month or a year or even in decades but it’s time to push for change. 50% of India’s population is under the age of 30, which means we have a sizable population which can be taught the right stuff at the right age. It’s in the governments hands to impart sufficient knowledge & sense of empathy to the budding minds. Again a humongous task, difficult but not Impossible.

    • Arvinth 1:52 pm on January 1, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Nice post.. I believe women should get more licensed guns so that they can protect themselves better..

      • Narendra 3:22 pm on January 1, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Hahahahahaa…Come on, guns & killing is never a solution. Yes! I agree doing so would create a sense of fear among men when they plan an attack on a lady but shooting is bit radical for my taste.

        We don’t want a scenario where some crazy lady goes berserk and guns down men for fun or some pending grudge…this is India Bhai 🙂

    • sufiaz 7:07 pm on January 1, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Im sorry to hear about that girl, forgetting her name. It is tragic to see how women are not respected in our society and a girl is not safe when she steps out on the street or goes about her daily business. Also unfortunately, even guys who stand up to protect women dont seem to be safe either. Only last week, a guy was shot dead in Karachi simply because he told someone off for harassing his sister. sad state of affairs.

      • Narendra 10:35 pm on January 1, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        You’re so right, even men who stand up for their women folks are under pressure too. So many such cases in India as well.

    • Ramya 2:27 pm on January 2, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Superb yaar. Really a worth reading. Look into your own world and stop issues. Cent percent right.. But only some of the girls are very bold to face the issues and others are not i think…

      • Narendra 10:05 am on January 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Yes! that’s the point, if safety is at stake, it’s imperative to rise & stand up for it.

  • Narendra 1:02 pm on December 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Amanat, , , gangrape, , ,   

    Fight against Rape 

    The recent gangrape and subsequent death of ‘Amanat’ has led to widespread outrage in India, and rightly so. Crime of this nature has been rampant in India especially in Delhi, NCR. Naturally, the heat is on the government and in a certain manner on Gents.Rape_Illustration

    I don’t want to trivialize the crime, the criminals deserve extreme punishment but at the same time I take a cautious look at the other side of the crime.

    The question I would ask is if my house got robbed, whose fault is it? Is it the robber’s because he derives cheap thrills by looting others? or Is it police’s because they didn’t provide enough security in my locality? or Is it mine for not doing enough for keeping my house safe and out of bounds against theft ?

    The point I’m trying to make is if I’m cognizant of the fact that I live in a crime prone area and still leave my house unprotected, then how can I blame a robber for targeting my house ?

    However, in the case of a rape, the situation is lot different. But, my point is the onus is also on the women to protect themselves, for it is impossible to police & offer protection to every lady in the country. Even if the force were doubled or tripled such crimes are in every likelihood going to continue.

    So along with trying to teach manners to an entire generation of men, equal effort must be put in to educate women folk to fight and in way predict potential scenarios. Some random stat says that 97% of rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. And it baffles me that the victim in most cases might have never figured it out that she is targeted by that person.

    Women need to be sensitized about various means to tackle such scenarios and be well equipped. It’s not about carrying pepper spray or wearing modest clothing, it’s more of attitudinal change which would allow them to judge people & scenarios which can lead to disaster.

    This is just an opinion, as long as women feel safe and such crimes end, I’m in support of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING which can get us to that juncture. Let me know your thoughts.

  • Narendra 6:28 pm on December 28, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Batam, , Singapore   

    A quick review – Visit to Batam, Indonesia 

    Earlier last month, I was in Batam, a tiny Island right next to Singapore. This was my first visit to the Island nation of Indonesia. In this video I have captured the essence of the place. But, then my opinions are biased 😀

  • Narendra 9:56 pm on October 3, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ICC World Twenty20, , , , MSD, , Virender Sehwag   

    Team India: Failure, yet again 

    Four good wins and one terrible defeat meant Team India failed to qualify for the Semi’s third time in a row at the T20 world cup. This time the performance was average but output was a failure. Which reflects on the teams preparation and MSD’s fading midas touch ( or has he lost it long ago ).

    Team India was among the pre-tournament favorites but their poor show against Oz has left them in the cold, yet again. Blame game

    India cricket crest

    India cricket crest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    has already begun and it looks like after series of disastrous overseas tours and losses at  various high profile tournaments, MSD’s reign at the top could be over ( atleast in one format of the game ). Last week BCCI announced a new selection committee which means men who favored MSD have left and a new team is place. And the new chief, Sandip Patil is known for his tough approach. Only saving grace for MSD might be the lack of potential leaders in the current team. Virat ( Vice-captain ) who has been a top performer for a while may not be elevated as yet. Besides him no other player is performing to full capacity or they aren’t permanent members of the all 3 formats. So MSD might just escape for a while.

    Personally, I believe MSD must be relieved from captaincy ( atleast in Test matches ) and Gautam, despite his dodgy performances must be made Captain. And if Virat has to tried out, he should be first allowed to lead a T20 side and slowly moved to other formats. My radical choice for captaincy would be Zaheer. He has played for over a decade now, though his fitness is a major concern he’s still India’s best bowler. Zaheer could probably do a ‘Kumble’ before he retires.

    It’s not just the captain, lot of other players also should be dropped, atleast till they are back to their best. Likes of Sehwag, Rohit should be immediately sidelined. Manoj, Ajinkya, Cheteswar, Vijay and rest deserve to be included. I’m mighty pleased with Cheteswar, he blasted back-to-back 100’s at a domestic tournament and led the side to victory ( He might be a Captain in the making ).

    For now, Team India has to get it right in the upcoming series against England, as of the early exit from T20 WC….Well, we’re used to it 🙂


    • sufia 1:15 am on October 4, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      can i gloat can i gloat can i gloat? hehe

      seriously tho, retain dhoni. no other players seem up to it yet. however, he NEEDS to stop making excuses and sit down and assess what went wrong and what they need to do about it. his remarks about losing the aussie match b/c of rain? it only rained for THREE minutes and it barely got wet, what was dhoni talking about?? and then he said that indias performance was satisfactory??? and the press conference he gave, in which he said that it had to come to them depending on other teams? it was very simple for them to achieve pakistans target in 16 overs but they took their time over it. dhoni and company really need to analyze things objectively and try harder next time.

      read this:

      • sufia 1:16 am on October 4, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        and what i dont get is – the amount of t20 cricket indians play in the form of the ipl and clt20. yet barring the first t20 cup, india has never reached the semis even. why is their performance so poor?

    • tacstar 6:50 am on October 5, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      oi reddyviewz, do you wanna help me with my blog?

      • Narendra 4:04 pm on October 5, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Hey, Thanq for connecting. What sort of help are you talking about? Please elaborate.

        • tacstar 4:17 pm on October 10, 2012 Permalink | Reply

          i was just asking if you would like to help out with my website cause i reckon the stuff you write about Indian Cricket will be good especially when Australia play India next year.

    • Narendra 4:03 pm on October 5, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      To answer the last part, most of us in India do not see T20 as “real” Cricket…Due to IPl & CL..T20 is seen as an extension of fun..almost like gully Cricket. Be it the players or the viewers there’s no seriousness. I guess due that casual approach, we haven’t really done well in T20’s. Public too doesn’t care much.

      As of Dhoni, he might get away..coz he won 4/5 matches and with 3 big series coming up, management may not want to bring in a new captain. Personally, I’m a huge supporter of Dhoni, I would want to see him continue as the captain ( not in tests though, simply because he doesn’t qualify as a test player ).

    • sufia 5:54 pm on October 5, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      ah. thats the difference then. our school level cricket and our street cricket tournaments are all t20, and we still claim that t20 cricket was invented on the streets of karachi (dont know how much truth there is in that tho), so thats prob the reason why thats the only cricket we know how to play 😀

      we didnt make the semi final, but i hope the cup stays in the subcontinent. go lanka.

      • sufia 5:55 pm on October 5, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        we didnt make the final…sorry.

        • Narendra 8:53 pm on October 5, 2012 Permalink | Reply

          Yes! I’m betting on Lanka to pull it off this time. This is their best chance 🙂

          BTW, what’s on newschannels there, are they calling for Afridi’s retirement 😛

    • sufia 1:43 am on October 6, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      yes they are. his performance was rubbish this time, and the slump has been going on for a very long time. the media, the public, everyones at his throat now. hes had a very good run, maybe he should go while he still holds ppls hearts.

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  • Narendra 11:15 pm on September 11, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Joker, Murray, , , US Open   

    Rise of Andy Murray 

    After 4 shots at glory, Britain’s Andy Murray finally nailed it and how. After a sensational comeback from Joker, Murray’s inspirational last set heroics sealed the deal for him. Ever since he hit limelight losing to RF in 2008 he’s has consistently failed to end up on the Andy Murraywinning side, he has made it to last 4 on ten occasions before Monday nights victory.


    For my friends and me, and I guess for most people Murray was fast becoming a synonym to the word “Looser”, a someone who didn’t have the big match temperament. However, over the last 10-12 months he has grown  physically stronger and elevated his overall gameplay. Though, I’m not an expert at tennis, I guess it’s more to do with his mental and physical provess. Earlier he strugggled to knock out the big players at the key moments of a match, even Djokovic had a similar problem. But, with time and maturity ( and RF’s fading charm ) these younger men have eventually caught up. This was bound to happen, a player like Murray was too good to keep loosing for such a long period, now is his time and I foresee over the next few years he will be a formidable force. Which means there will be a three way fight for supremacy alongside Joker and Nadal ( who has made French open his own for a while now ). No disrespect to RF but we have to accept the fact that sooner or later age will win the race, though he might steal 1-2 grand slams before sun sets on him.


    Going back to Andy Murray, he’s now a epitaph of perseverance and hard work. It’s very easy to loose heart after the kind of loses he had at the top level but, he hung in there and delivered big time. A huge lesson for all of us, take a leaf out of Murray’s career, hang in there your time will come.




    • Arvinth 11:21 pm on September 11, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Nice one mate.. Keep writing.. Plz do a write on apna kohli sir also 🙂

    • Ramya 11:36 am on September 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Nice article. Nicely written 🙂

  • Narendra 7:59 pm on August 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Ambati Rayudu, Cheteshwar Pujara, , , ,   

    Is he the new “Wall” of Indian Cricket ? 

    Ever since the retirement of Rahul Dravid, Cricket pundits, media and public were asking the same question ” Who will replace the WALL? “. Many names cropped up, Virat Kohli looked like the most probable replacement, he was already doing great stuff in ODIs at that position. However, good number of people were convinced that the team needed someone more on the lines of “WALL” and that was the big reason why selectors called upon Cheteshwar Pujara. He has been in news for all the good reasons, his recent match winning performance in WI for the India ‘A’ team made sure he booked a berth to play in the national team.

    I had first seen Cheteswar Pujara during the 2008 domestic season, an innings where he scored 70 something and he flayed the bowlers all over the ground with astounding grace. For a long time I hadn’t seen anyone of that class ( the last one who really caught my attention was Ambati Rayudu ).

    Few years later he made an audacious debut against Australia and helped India win. But then he was gone for a while, mostly due to

    pujarainjuries. However, from the time Rahul Dravid announced his retirement Cheteswar was back in the reckoning. He found support from Cricketing legends and media rallied for him to take the No.3 position.


    After all the hype over the last 5-6 months today was the day. After a brief suspense he came into bat at the coveted No.3 position and by the end of the day he had eased into his first Test 100 in style. A patient knock, where he displayed every possible shot in the book ( more on the defense department ). First half of his innings was sedate and cautious and then just as if to show us that he can play at a completely different gear he clobbered the bowlers and raced away to a richly deserved century. He for sure looks like someone who can carry the team and the hopes of Billion plus fans. Have we found the new wall? that’s what everyone is asking after his debut century but I guess wall isn’t built in day 🙂


    For now fans, experts, media would rejoice the making of a new Cricketing hero however, only time will tell how big a hero he would turn out to be.




    • Arvinth 8:58 pm on August 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Pujara is the man.. I wanna see badrinath is the team too.. namba paiyan 😛

      • Narendra 2:33 pm on September 1, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Localnath will never make it..younger men are fast catching sad

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